Bigg Boss 10, episode 95 preview: Manu, Manveer feel Vikrant has manipulated Mona
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Now that the big fat wedding of Monalisa and Vikrant is done with, Bigg Boss 10 is back to its usual business. As the festivities die down inside the Bigg Boss 10 house, there are new murmurs. The newly-wed Vikrant Singh Rajput is asked to leave and Mona gets back inside the house. While everyone is happy to see her, Manu Punjabi and Manveer Gujjar find her behaving ‘weird’ and suspect Vikrant has influenced her.

As a touching parting note, Vikrant asks his new wife not to weep. The housemates along with Mona come to see him off at the main gate. Later Manveer and Manu are seen teasing Mona -- good that she got married to Vikrant, they say. If she had married Manu, she would be in the wrong hands, Manveer jokes. Everyone bursts out laughing.
Mona and Vikrant’s wedding seems to have brought happiness and sadness in equal measure. While Manu is genuinely happy for Mona, he observes a sudden change in her.

At morning tea, Manu and Mona have a conversation where she tells him that they will have to watch their limits now as she is married and things will be interpreted in a wrong way.

Manu feels bad and speaks to Manveer about it. He suspects Vikrant has manipulated Mona and since the time she has come inside the house, she is being indifferent. He also notices that she is being extra cautious for no reason.

Later, Bigg Boss announces new task for which the garden area will be turned into an old warehouse. The housemates are divided into two teams. Each member will be tied with a bungee cord that will keep pulling them behind, while every member would try to keep one of their hands on a stand with a red marker. At the same time the opposite team will try disturbing them. Bigg Boss announces that the team that loses the game will have to face adverse effects during the season’s last nominations.



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