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Those hosting Iftar parties are 'vote ke bhikhari' says Telangana BJP lawmaker

Only those "begging for vote" host Iftar parties, controversial Telangana BJP lawmaker T Raja Singh Lodh said on Monday, declaring he would neither host nor attend such events.
Known for making contentious statements, the MLA from Goshamahal constituency in Hyderabad posted a video message on a social networking site where he said one of his friends suggested him to hold an Iftar party like many other lawmakers do during the holy month of Ramzan.


"These days many Telangana legislators are busy hosting Iftar parties, wearing skull caps and taking selfies. They think if they have to do vote bank politics, they will have to think of 'sabka saath, sabha vikas' (together will all, development for all). 
"This is their thinking. Those who sit with them (those attending Iftar) are 'vote ke bhikhari' (beggars for vote). My thinking is different," he said.
Singh said his religion Hinduism taught giving respect to everyone.
"But some religions and their religious books preach to kill Hindus as they are 'Kafir' (a term literally meaning non-believers but often construed as insulting to followers of other religions). How can I attend an Iftar or host one for those who talk of killing Hindus?" he said.
Singh said when his friend disputed his contention and wanted a proof in support of his claim, he told him that it was mentioned in the "green book".
"This green book is responsible for the spread of terrorism in India and it should be banned. I will fight to get it banned," he said.
The BJP leader said he dreams of an "akhand Hindu rashtra" (an undivided Hindu nation), building a Ram temple in Ayodhya, a ban on cow slaughter in the entire country and return of displaced Kashmiri Pandits.
He said it was because of "secularwadi" (secularist) Hindus that the Mughals and the British ruled India.
"When there are over 50 Muslim countries and more than 100 Christian countries, why can't there be a single Hindu nation?" he asked.
Singh has been booked by the Hyderabad police several times over alleged provocative speeches and statements.
He once said the heads of those opposing construction of Ram temple at Ayodhya be chopped off.
Singh recently accused Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao of hosting Iftar at different mosques in the state to "appease" the minorities.
"KCR wants aid from Centre as state is in financial crisis but for appeasement of minorities#Telangana government is spending 66 crore for #Iftar party Development over vote bank politics#Iftar politics," he wrote.



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