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'Lollipop lagelu' in Berlin? Watch people dancing crazily on the Bhojpuri superhit song!

Indian popular music is recognised across the globe for its energetic beats and this video doing the rounds on the internet proves that the country is spreading its vibrant and cheerful personality on the streets of Germany too. At the Karneval der Kulturen parede on Gneisenaustraße street that passes between the subway stops of Mehringdamm and Südstern every year, people are grooving to the Bhojpuri superhit song ‘Lollipop lagelu’ and it is astonishing as well as hilarious.


Watch the video here:
The cult song ‘Jila top lagelu’ sung by Bhojpuri singer Pawan Singh is extremely popular at Indian weddings and celebrations and it is a delight for an Indian to watch the foreigners dancing to its beats.
Another video from the same festival also shows people dancing to Salman Khan's song 'Aaj ki Party meri taraf se'.
This video reaffirms how well Indian culture has raided the world. The video is driving the netizens crazy also because most of them believed that this is happening in the current World Cup destination. The video fits the current craze for the sport and have some of the most hilarious responses:




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