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Watch: Gorillas Try To Stay Out Of Rain In Hilarious Viral Video

"Those mamas protecting their babies!!! So sweet," wrote one person in the comments section


A viral video from a South Carolina zoo shows a group of gorillas trying to avoid the rain. The troop of gorillas at the Riverbanks Zoo and Garden in Columbia were filmed huddled together beneath an overhang to stay out of the rain. Two of the females clutch their babies in their arms to protect them from the water.

In the video, a gorilla named Acacia is the first to brave the rain and walk gingerly to the indoor area of the enclosure. Next is Macy with little Mo, and then Kazi carrying ZaKota - all displaying a human-like revulsion to the rain. The male dominant silverback gorilla, Cenzoo, waits till everyone else is inside before going in himself.
The sweet video was first shared on Facebook by zoo employee Brooke Hunsinger, and then on the official Riverbanks Zoo and Garden page. It has collected millions of views and thousands of comments since being shared online.
"Those mamas protecting their babies!!! So sweet," wrote one person in the comments section. "This is so funny! What a great video! The silverback waited until the women and children went inside first," said another. "I bet I have seen it 20 times and get tickled over their expressions," a third added.



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