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Women, do you compare your partner with your father? It may cause relationship trouble
Hindustan Times

A recent survey by a popular matchmaking portal attempted to understand what kind of behaviours by women are not okay with men seeking life partners. This is what the survey revealed


Try not comparing your man with your father as a study has recently revealed that 68% of men are not comfortable with being compared to their women’s dads. The study ‘Not My Type,’ conducted by a leading online matchmaking brand BharatMatrimony, attempted to understand what type of girls are not okay for guys when it comes to marriage.
The survey witnessed over 800 responses and asked them 10 questions like: “Not My Type” questions to guys including “if the girl compares you with her dad”, “are you okay with someone who never forgets small details” & “are you okay with someone who gets emotional often.
The findings indicated that 68% of the participants feel that guys will not be okay with girls who compare them to their dad. About 54% of the participants, including 28% girls, said men are ready to accept girls who attempt to change them in some ways. While 46% disagreed. Around 80% respondents feel that guys may not be fine with girls being on the phone for long hours. This included 58% girls.
Through social campaigns, BharatMatrimony attempts to understand the challenges of singles while finding a life partner. Recently it had run a similar campaign where girls talked about what kind of guys were not their type.



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