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4 years of Modi govt: Survey says popularity down but 57 per cent satisfied, communalism major concern

In less than two weeks, the Narendra Modi government will complete its four years in power and a survey has shown that anti-incumbency may be setting in against the NDA regime.


A survey has found about seven per cent decline in the percentage of people expressing satisfaction with the Modi government over past two years. The decline has been consistent.
In a survey conducted by citizen engagement platform LocalCircles, 57 per cent of the respondents said that they were satisfied with the performance of the Modi government.
In 2016, 64 per cent had expressed satisfaction and 61 per cent were happy with the Modi government last year. This has reduced by further four per cent this year.
People's perception of the Modi government's resolve to fight communalism has taken a beating. In a survey conducted on completion of two years of the government, 63 per cent people had expressed satisfaction with the efforts taken by the Modi regime to handle the issues related to communalism. This year 50 per cent of the respondents believed the same.
Farm crisis is another area which may be a major concern for the Modi government when it will seek a fresh mandate in 2019 Lok Sabha election. About 47 per cent of those surveyed said that the condition of farmers has not improved during Modi government's tenure. Though, 37 per cent believed, farmers are an improved lot now.
Job creation, much against prevailing perception, seems to be a happy area for the Modi government. Against 63 per cent in last year's survey, 54 per cent believed this year that the government has not been able to reduce the rate of unemployment. The corresponding figure for 2016 when Modi government completed two years was 43 per cent. This means that about nine per cent more people are happy with the Modi government's efforts in creating jobs in its fourth year but 11 per cent more were happier in 2016.


Around 33 per cent of those participating in the online survey said that the Modi government has been effective in keeping the prices of essential commodities in check. Though, another 60 per cent did not believe this. The percentage of non-believers in government's efforts in price control mechanism in 2017 was 66 per cent (6 per cent more) and in 2016 it was 55 per cent. Simply put, more people were happy with the government's efforts to keep prices in check at its second anniversary than when it enters the final year of its tenure.
However, despite recent reports of rising incidents relating to crime against women and children, four per cent more people - over the last one year - feel that there is a reduction in crime against women and children. Only 32 per cent, though, believe so but the figure for 2017 was 28 per cent. In 2016, 38 per cent had said that crime against women and children had reduced during Modi regime.



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