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Summer Special: Pickled Raw Mango Jam Or Chunda Recipe To Liven Up Your Meals (Watch Video)
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Chunda is a popular raw mango preparation consumed across India 
Chunda is prepared by pickling grated raw mango in spices, salt and sugar
Consume chunda with rotis, parathas or make a sweet sandwich


Mangoes are the reigning fruits of the summer and are enjoyed in a range of different ways, both sweet and savoury. Mango has a strong and delicious flavour and a taste that can make you drool, while just thinking about it. Mango is consumed when it's both ripe and raw, and although ripened, yellow mangoes are more popular and have a wider appeal, the raw mango also has a fan base among those who love the sour tanginess. Raw mangoes are enjoyed in the form of drinks and turned into condiments that can be easily prepared at home and stored for use throughout summers. We all love the kairi ka panna - that deliciously tangy raw mango summer drink. But another perhaps less popular raw mango preparation that is enjoyed across India is the chunda - a summer pickle made from grated raw mango, spices, salt and sugar.
The pickle is prepared by pickling grated kairi, or raw mangoes, with a number of spices like turmeric, asafoetida (hing), red chili powder as well as salt and sugar. The pickle is made by mixing in the salt and the spices, allowing the raw mango to start sweating and then folding in the sugar to make it sweet. Once the mixture is ready, it's allowed to sit in an air-tight glass jar in a dark place or out of the sun for about four or five days, while periodically mixing the pickle or stirring the mixture about three to four times a day. The pickle tastes sweet and tangy at the same time and can be enjoyed with Indian flatbreads like parathas or rotis (chapatis) or can be simply spread on pieces of toasted bread and enjoyed during breakfast.
The chunda is not just delicious and addictive, but it also nutritious and healthy. Raw mango is rich in fibre and is an amazing energiser during summers. It also keeps digestive troubles at bay. Prepare this Gujarati favourite chunda pickle at home to celebrate the season's best fruits.



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