Explained: How to fly a drone in India; Check important rules for licence registration, benefits
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How to fly a drone in India: Here's a good news for Remotely Piloted Aerial Systems (RPAS) (or, drone) enthusiasts. Drone flyers can now take licences for flying drones across the country.


How to fly a drone in India: Here's a good news for Remotely Piloted Aerial Systems (RPAS) (or, drone) enthusiasts. Drone flyers can now take licences for flying drones across the country. The registration process for getting a licence for drone flying has already started. As per a latest statement of the Ministry of Civil Aviation, Nano drones can now start flying in the country. However, for micro and above categories, operators and pilots are required to register on the Digital Sky Portal.  
The Digital Sky Platform kind that implements 'no permission, no take-off’ (NPNT). This is a novel system of software-based self-enforcement to minimize deviations from the Civil Aviation Regulations (CAR). In future, the Digital Sky Service Providers (DSPs) will be extending the functionality of the platform through Application Program Interfaces (APIs). 
Drone Licence registration in India: Here's all you need to know
The drone users will now have to complete the registration process. After this, they will get a unique identification number (UIN). This will allow them to operate drones in the country from January 1 next year. 
The users will have to ask for permission to fly the drone for every flight. The permission can be sought through a mobile app. An automated process will tell the users whether their request is permitted or denied.
Registration: Drone lovers can now get themselves registered at the Digital Sky Platform. The payments for Unmanned Aerial Operator’s Permit (UAOP) and Unique Identification Numbers (UIN) will be accepted through the Bharat Kosh (bharatkosh.gov.in) portal. Check Digital Sky Platform official website here
Conditions for getting permission:
- Drone operators will have to file a flight plan.
- Flying in the ‘green zones’ will require only intimation of the time and location of the flights via the portal or the app.
- Permissions will be required for flying in ‘yellow zones’ and flights will not be allowed in the ‘red zones’. 
-  Under the policy of NoPermission-No-Takeoff (NPNT), drone operations will not be allowed to take-off. 
What areas are in 'Green; 'Yellow' and 'Red' jones respectively?
The government will soon announce the locations falling under these three zones.  The permission, if granted, will be available digitally on the portal.



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