Man Kills Woman in Chennai After Spat Over Chicken Biryani

A 25-year-old girl was murdered by an unidentified man on Monday night in Chennai's busy Koyambedu flower market.


A spat over a hot plate of chicken biryani turned into murder in cold blood in Chennai after a boy slashed a woman's throat when she complained about the dish in Chennai.
A 25-year-old girl was murdered on Monday night in Chennai's busy Koyambedu flower market. According to a report in Mirror Now, the woman had visited the marker along with an unidentified man. The two bought a packet of biryani from a roadside shop and were eating it in the market itself when the girl complained about not having any chicken in the biryani. 
The complaint turned into an ugly spat with the man soon brandishing a knife from his person and slitting the woman's throat, killing her instantly. 
Police arrived on the scene and the body has been sent for postmortem. Meanwhile, an investigation to search for the accused, who fled the scene when others in the market noticed the crime, has been mounted. Neither the victim not the accused's identity have so far been confirmed.


This is not the first time that the succulent rice dish has become the reason for violence. In June 2018, a restaurant owner was killed in Bengal's 24 Pargana after he demanded Rs 190 for a plate of chicken biryani that had been served to four customers. Another man was killed by his four friends in Mumbai's Nallasopara in March after he cooked mutton biryani for them instead of the chicken biryani that he had initially promised.



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