Lord Shiva History

This post will clear Lord Shiva History among Trimurti Brahma Vishnu Mahesh.
Lots of people are there who are confused among Shiva and Vishnu superiority?


This post will answer some of the most hypothetical questions of today's generation regarding Hinduism beliefs on Lord Shiva origin.
Let's have a quick look at what you will conclude from this post.
The Concept of God in Hinduism and Who is supreme consciousness?
Why there are so many gods in Hinduism?
Who is superior among Shiva and Vishnu?
How this cosmos came into existence?
What is Lord Shiva history?
There is the magnificent Vedic saga wrapped in the ancient epics context associated with Lord Shiva history and the role of Brahma Vishnu Mahesh.
The Concept of God in Hinduism and Who is supreme consciousness?
God is the universal term used all over the world to determine what is supernatural, unknown consciousness.
He is formless omniscient worshipped in a diverse way. If we strictly observe the term, God It is made up of 3 Characters G - O - D.
G - The Generator.
O - The operator.
D - The one who is a Destroyer.
It means God has three principal duties
The divine entity who defined duties to trinity is Maheshwar which means MAHA-ISWAR. Let's understand the term Maha-Iswar more clearly.
MAHA - Supreme
Iswar - Consciousness
The term Maha-Iswar has associated with SADASHIVA means eternal Shiva.
Lord Shiva history will take you to the journey of this cosmos creation and how responsibilities get defined by Sadashiva to Trinity.
According to Shiv Puran, Lord Shiva history is related to Sada-shiv, Supreme Consciousness.
He is the one who is not bounded by the wheel of time and Karma. He manifested himself as Mahakaal known as Rudra.
The one who is unborn, immortal, who don't have any start or end. It is the story of the beginning, when there was void with no time, no light, nothing existed.
There was only a certain kind of voidness.
The only thing that existed that time was divine consciousness termed as Sada-shiv the Universal Truth.
Sada-shiv is limitless, shapeless, and undefined null. Afterward, The feminine energy of Sada-shiv originated from Sadashiv. Sadashiva termed his feminine energy as Shiva. She gave salutation to Sada-shiv.
The Supreme consciousness Sadashiv explained to Shiva.
Here Shiva is the feminine energy of Sadashiv.
I didn't create you, you were already present there; you are my energy, I am in you, and you are in me.
Shiva as feminine energy replied to Sadashiv.
Shiva - "Oh my lord, you are the Supreme source of energy."
Sada-shiv replied, yes I am the Supreme source of energy, but my strength is proof of your existence.
After this conversation between them, Sada-shiv and Shiva became so close as the cosmic couple.
Sada-shiv as man and Shiva as his wife. In the primary phase, they created fundamental elements.
They created two words beginning and end which were complementary to each other.
With the combined decision with his feminine energy, Shiva Shakti both decided to create the third energy.
From the seat of mentation consciousness of huge Ocean; where the sweetest tide of thoughts originates.
It is the place where the truth is the valuable gem.
From that depth of consideration ocean; a man appeared on a bed of giant snake.
His charm was cosmic; his glow was spreading all over.
He wore a golden robe decorated with various gems.
There were solace and calmness on his face. Man eyes were beautiful matching with the flower of Lotus.
"Who am I and what are the orders for me? "
God appeared in mystic form and replied to him.
"Since you are omniscient, you will be known by the name of VISHNU. You will have more names, and you will collect all knowledge from austerity".
After that mystical voice, Lord Vishnu began his penance.
He did the hardest penance to many Kalpas, due to the impact of his austerity, different water fountain originated from his body.
After the penance, 24 elements appeared from Lord Vishnu body.
Lord Vishnu satisfied the voidness of the universe with gracious water that came from his body.
Lord Vishnu went down and slept in the bed of large snake (Sheshnaag)surrounded with divine water that came from his body.
A long time gets passed.
The time comes when deep inner energy awakens, and Lord Vishnu opened his lotus eyes.
The entire universe was reacting with each other.
As he observed these phenomena inside him, a lotus began to grow from his navel part.
It was a magnificent lotus flower, with beautiful petals.
The beautiful Lotus had the shine of million suns, which was spreading in all the directions.
The grand energy enters into the lotus, and appearance of the Lord Brahma appear on it.
As he revolved his head in four directions, one head appeared in each direction. The fifth head emerged top over his head.
Lord Shiva history in Brahma Vishnu Mahesh
Brahma observed himself alone, surrounded by divine sea water. Lord Brahma was unaware of his identity,
He didn't know his origin and from where he came? High tides were shaking the lotus in which Brahma was sitting.
He found himself isolated on the lotus which made him scared, so he decided to enter inside the lotus stem.



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