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Odd-Even Rule coming back! Scooters, bikes also included so get ready for chaotic public transport

Supreme Court stands by the National Green Tribunal's order of including two-wheelers in the Odd-even rule that aims to bring down Delhi Pollution.


As the winter kicks in and crops are burnt around Delhi/NCR creating high-levels of smog in the Capital, Supreme Court has stayed with the National Green Tribunal's (NGT) order of Odd-Even Vehicle rule which will also see scooterists and motorcyclists being affected this time around. Two-wheelers in Delhi will have to comply with the Odd-Even Rule which means the rotational scheme for vehicles as per its numbers will be allowed to be driven on a given day. This will further reduce the traffic congestions but as per reports has not been a major idea to cut down the pollution in winters.
Supreme Court Bench comprising of Justice Dipak Gupta and Madan Lokur was told by Additional Solicitor General (ASG) A N S Nadkarni, representing Delhi government that the public transportation in Delhi including the Delhi Metro and Buses will not be able to accommodate everyone if the Odd-Even Scheme is made applicable for two-wheelers. The scheme will see Odd and Even numbered vehicles running on alternate days and taking over 5 lakh private vehicles off Delhi roads.
Over 68 lakh people commute in two-wheelers every day in Delhi and the government was seeking an exemption for two-wheelers from the Odd-Even scheme. NGT had passed an order in December 2015 and had bought in Odd-Even scheme applicable to two-wheelers as well. NGT had dismissed this review saying that exempting two-wheelers from this scheme would defeat the whole purpose of the Odd-Even scheme and will not improve Delhi's air quality.
Arvind Kejriwal led AAP Government had said that including two-wheelers means over 65 lakh people more using the public transportation which is not adequate and would create “chaos” and “complete anarchy” on the city’s street. Kejriwal was also accused by many that his agenda was to exclude the Aam Aadmi Party’s votebank from the Odd-Even scheme.
Strengthening Delhi Transportation system would need 2 more years to make it suitable for two-wheelers as well. Earlier, Two-wheelers were not excluded because they are considered vehicles of the poor. During odd-even phase one, metro and bus ridership had increased by 0.7 per cent and 5 per cent only. People who left their cars went for carpooling.



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