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There's Another Udaipur In India And We Bet You Didn't Know About It

We all have read and heard about the beautiful city of Udaipur in Rajasthan, but we bet that you did not know about the city of Udaipur in Tripura. Yes, there is another Udaipur on the map of India. Udaipur, set approximately 50km from Agartala, the capital city of Tripura, has more than just one thing in common with Udaipur in Rajasthan. With Gumti River passing through the middle of the city, Udaipur is known for its historical temples, beautiful lakes and some stunning landscapes.


Why travel to Udaipur?
Udaipur is home to a number of temples and lakes; It has helped to boost the tourism industry in Tripura. Here is a list of attractions and thing you can do when visiting this divine place.

Tripura Sundari/Tripureshwari Temple is a Shakti Temple locally known as Matabari. Over a span of 30 years, this was my third visit to this remote shrine situated in the medieval capital Rangamati/Udaipur of the Tripura Manikya kings, beside the river Gomati. The shrine is set upon a small hillock, resembling the hump of a tortoise (Kurma) and this shape called Kurmapṛisthakriti is considered the holiest possible site for a Shakti temple, hence also bestowing the name of Kurma Peetha. The Shakti cult worships the primordial cosmic feminine power in the form of the Goddess or the Devi. The temple is considered to be one of the 51 Shakti Peethas where right leg of Sati fell. Here, Shakti is worshipped as Tripurasundari and the accompanying Bhairava is Tripuresh. The main shrine, a cubical edifice with a three-tier roof with a finial, erected by Maharaja of Tripura Dhanya Manikya in 1501 AD, is constructed in the Bengali Ek-ratna style. Adjoining the temple is a huge tank, the Kalyan Sagar abounding in turtles and fish. Harming then is unthinkable as they are deemed devotees of the Goddess. #IntrepidTraveller #travelstagram #instatravel #travelblogger #travelgram #travelography #travelphotography #travelphotographer #travelpics #Travelextasy #debaratidasgupta #exploretocreate #_travelersofindia #ShutterbugPix #MyPixelDiary #travelldevill #visionofpictures #world_photography_page #indiaview #thecultpost #wahhindia #travelcandee #travelrealindia #bhaaratchitra #tourythmindia #gallery_of_india #discover_india #igersofindia #talesofindia #indianshade @pix_crew @hiddenviewofindia @travelsdiscovery @india_untitled @travel_food_india @instatravel.ling @sparklinghorizon @indiapictured @photo_pond @wonders_of_india @photographers.of.india @pictures.of.india @india_photo_concept @i_clicked_it @picofthedayindia @click_sick

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When in Udaipur, you cannot miss the most famous temple of the state, Tripura Sundari Temple, which is also called the Matabari Temple. Built 500 years ago by Maharaj Dhanya Manikya Dev, this temple holds religious significance for many in India. Right next to the temple lies the Kalyan Lake, where visitors can take a plunge and also feed the tortoises. The temple is usually open from 6 am to 8 pm.

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As the name suggests, this is a palace built on a lake. It was constructed by Maharaja Bir Bikram Kishore in 1939 on the Rudrasagar Lake. The 24 rooms palace built for the Royal family, has interiors inspired by both Mughal and ancient architecture. The palace is generally open from 9 am to 5 pm. Do not miss the boat rides here which are around ₹50 per person.
Bijoy Sagar  
When you are in the city of lakes, you cannot 'not' have a lake on your itinerary. Bijoy Sagar Lake is the biggest lake in the city and was created for the daily requirements of the locals. Locally known as Mahadeb Dighi, the 750m lake is settled right in the middle of a vast expanse of flora making it a paradise for all nature lovers.
Trishna Wild Life  

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Just one hour from Udaipur lies the Trishna Wildlife Sanctuary. Known for varied species of birds, this place is perfect for bird watchers and wildlife enthusiasts. Sometimes, leopards are also seen here. Try the boat ride on the scenic Trishna Lake which costs ₹20 for 30 minutes. The place is open to visitors from 10 AM – 4 PM. The general entry to the sanctuary is ₹6 per person.
Pilak Historical Palace  
For all the history nerds, Pilak is the perfect place to spend your day. It is an archaeological site with structures and terracotta seals from the 8th century. When in Udaipur make sure to make a stop at this excavating site.
Cuisine on offer
Some of the popular local dishes here are Muya Awandru, Muya bai Wahan and Gudok. Rice, pork and bamboo are some of the staple ingredients here. Chinese is also a popular cuisine here.
When to go
The time from October to May is the best time for sightseeing in Udaipur. This is when the weather is pleasant to sightsee.


Getting there

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Udaipur is the third biggest city in Tripura and is easily accessible by road and rail from Agartala.
By air: Maharaja Bir Bikram Airport of Agartala is the nearest airport from Udaipur. A round trip cost of a flight from New Delhi to Agartala will cost ₹15000.
Getting around
Rickshaws are the cheapest and the most common way to get around the city. There are other options like local buses and rental cabs for long distance travelling.
For budget travellers: Gunabati Yatri Niwas is a good option. The rent of a room here is ₹900 per night.
For luxury travellers: The Imperial Hotel is a good place to spend a few nights. The rent of the room here is ₹2000 per night.



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