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Trucks And Buses In India Will Soon Be Compulsorily Equipped With Reverse Parking Alert Systems

In order to reduce the risk of accidents or fatalities while trucks and buses reverse, the road transport ministry has mandated the inclusion of reverse parking alert system in all trucks and buses manufactured from April 2020. Apart from trucks and buses, the mandate will stand for all four-wheelers starting July 2019.


In a notification issued by the road transport ministry recently, the alert system which has to be in place should be able to sound a warning if an object is in proximity of the vehicle. This could be done using sensors or even rear view cameras for visual aid to the driver.
The mandate is aimed to tackle the rising incidents of trucks and buses involved in accidents while reverse parking. That is where rear view cameras will be mighty helpful, eliminating any blind spots in the process. In case the visual aid is not in place, an alert system should be present to let the driver know of any object in the path.
Same applies to cars too. Though many new models of cars come with either of the two features, the mandate will make sure that all the models post July 2019 will be having these features. The systems will also make sure that pedestrians are alerted of a vehicle reversing and will hence minimise the chances of a collision.



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