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Uttar Pradesh: 194 petrol pumps found cheating, 30 held, says official

A progressing investigation into petrol pumps over the state has so far observed 194 of them to be cheating buyers by filling less fuel, an authority said. A total of 58 oil pumps has been fixed, while 58 FIRs have been held up regarding the oddities. Thirty blamed have been captured up until this point.

The request was requested by the administration in May after the state Special Task Force (STF) raids at petrol pumps in Lucknow in the most recent week of April this year, and discovered apportioning machines fitted with "remote-controlled electronic chips" to trick buyers.

Nine FIRs were then stopped, and 27 charged — including four petrol pump proprietors — were held in Lucknow. Groups involving authorities from region organizations, nearby police, oil organizations and weight and estimation divisions were shaped at area level to check pilferage.

Deputy Commissioner (Food and Civil Supplies) Satya Deo stated: "Of 6,742 petrol pumps in the state, request has been finished on 6,622. They have discovered blame at 194 stations, where chips and different strategies were found to have been utilized to steal fuel and trick clients."

He additionally said the way toward cabin FIRs has started, thus far, 58 cases have been enlisted. Chief, Food and Civil Supplies, Ajay Chauhan said 58 petrol pumps, on whose proprietors FIR have been held up until now, have been fixed.

Uttar Pradesh: 194 petrol pumps found cheating, 30 held, says official

Uttar Pradesh: 194 petrol pumps found cheating, 30 held, says official



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