Schezwan Hakka Noodles
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Orginally Schezwan hakka noodles are made in schezwan sauce which has szechuan peppercorns. however on this indian fashion schezwan hakka noodles we will use dried purple chillies. you could make this schezwan sauce well earlier and keep in refrigerator for 1 month too.

Serves : 2
Total time : 45 mins


1 packet hakka veg noodles (150 gms)
1 cup cabbage
1 large carrot
1/2 cup capsicum
2 Green part spring onions
5 French beans
1 tsp ajinomoto
1 tsp garlic paste
1 tsp Soy Sauce
4 tbsp oil
Salt to taste

Schezwan Sauce
10 Dried Whole Red Chillies
1 tblsp Seasame Oil or Any Oil
1 tsp sugar
3 tblsp Vinegar
1 tblsp finely chopped Garlic
1 tsp salt

How to make schezwan noodles indian style:

1.First put together the sauce. Soak the dry crimson chillies for 6 - 7 hrs. take away the water. In a blender make a fine paste of the soaked crimson chillies and garlic. you could use 1 tblsp of water to make a easy paste. Now warmness the sesame oil in a pan to the smoking point after which upload the chilly garlic paste, vinegar, sugar and salt. permit it to chill.
2.For boiling the noodles take eight cups of water and 1 tsp of oil in a large pan and boil it. when it starts boiling, upload noodles in it and boil them for 2 minutes. switch off the gasoline and strain the water through a strainer.
3.Wash it with bloodless water for three - four instances and without delay stress it. Washing the noodles with cold water keeps the noodles from sticking collectively.
Now pour 1 tsp oil at the noodles and with palms blend properly. make certain all of the noodles are smeared with oil. keep it in a strainer for 10 mins in order that the water drains off from the noodles absolutely.
4.Chop all the vegetables - carrot, cabbage, french beans, spring onions in skinny strips or juliennes.
5.warmth oil in a frying pan on a excessive flame. upload garlic paste to it. cook dinner it for 1 minute then add greens and stir fry them. Do now not overcook. They should stay crunchy.
6.Now add 2 -three tblsp of already prepared schezwan sauce.
7.Add noodles, salt and ajinomoto,blend nicely.
8.Stir for 2-three minutes. Garnish it with chopped green spring onions.
Serve warm.
Note:If you feel the schezwan sauce is too hot you can add 1 tblsp of tomato sauce to it.



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