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Travellers Who Dumped Pizza Boxes On Karnataka Road Made To Go Back 80 Kms To Pick Up Trash

Have you seen or been one of those people who toss garbage out of your car window on the roads? Well, if you're travelling to Karnataka then you're going to think twice before littering. 


According to Bangalore Mirror, two youths were made to travel 80kms from Madikeri to Coorg (Kodagu) just so that they can clean up the garbage they had thrown on the highway while travelling. 
This happened after the General Secretary of Kodagu Tourism Association found some pizza boxes tossed on the side of the road. After opening the boxes he found the bill with the person's number and called and requested him to return to the same spot and clean the litter. 
However, the person refused to do so since he had crossed Coorg already. The number was then shared to the local police and put on social media. After receiving numerous calls, the youth who littered turned around and travelled 80kms to come pick up the boxes. 
Twitter lauded this move by the athorities. 




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