Check out the benefits of chanting Lakshmi Maha Mantra on Fridays

There are a number of Mantras dedicated to various deities and each of them has specific meaning, purpose and power.


Goddess Lakshmi, an aspect of Shakti or the feminine power is a revered Hindu Goddess, who governs wealth and prosperity.
There are a number of Mantras dedicated to various deities and each of them has specific meaning, purpose and power.
Mantras when chanted with utmost devotion and faith help us in achieving our goals and making profits in business.
Here’s the Lakshmi Maha Mantra:
ॐ ह्रीं श्रीं लक्ष्मी भ्यो नमः
Om Hreem Shreem Lakshmi Bhyo Namaha
Meaning of Lakshmi Maha Mantra:
Goddess Laxmi reside in me and bless me with your abundance in all spheres of my life
Benefits of chanting Lakshmi Maha Mantra:
Goddess Lakshmi will bestow you with wealth and prosperity.
Chanting this Mantra regularly will bless you with beauty.
This powerful Mantra will bless you with good health.
If you are a businessperson, you can make profits.
If you are in service, you can get promoted.
The vibrations generated while chanting this mantra infuses positive energy.
After chanting this mantra or in the evening (Sandhya kaal), you can perform the Aarti by singing the following:
Lakshmi Aarti
Jai Lakshmi mata, mayya jai Lakshmi mata, Tumko nishdin sevat, Hara Vishnu vidhata, Jai Lakshmi...
Glory to you, O Mother, glory to you, mother Lakshmi. Shiva, Vishnu, and Brahma worship you day and night.
Brahmani, Rudrani Kamala, tuhi hai jagmata, Surya chandrama dhyavat, Narad rishi gata, Jai Lakshmi...
You are the consort of Vishnu, embodied as Brahmani, Rudrani—the mother of the world. The Sun and the Moon adore you and Saint Narada sings for you.
Durga rup nirantar, sukh sampati data, Jo koi tumko dhyavat, riddhi siddhi dhan pata, Jai Lakshmi...
As Durga, you bless people with happiness and wealth. Whoever chants your name is bestowed with prosperity and the riches.
Tuhi hai patal Basanti, tuhi shubh data, Karma prabhav prakashak, jagnidhi se trata, Jai Lakshmi...
You are omnipresent. You bring good luck, bless people with the wealth and pleasures.
Jis ghar men tum rahati, sab sadgun ata, Karna sake koi karle, man nahin ghabrata, Jai Lakshmi....
Wherever you reside, good luck follows. The impossible becomes possible and the heart becomes fearless.
Tum bin yagya na hove, vastra na koi pata, Khan pan ka vaibhava, sab tumse ata, Jai Lakshmi...
No Yagya is possible without you. None can buy garments, food and comfort without you.
Shubh gun mandir sundar, Kshirodadhi jata, Ratna charurdash tumhin, koi nahi pata, Jai Lakshmi...
The temple of good fortune is beautiful. You are adorned with 14 precious gems that none is blessed with.
Arti Lakshmi ji ki, jo koi nar gata, Ur anand samata, pap utar jata, Jai Lakshmi...
Whosoever sings this Aarti to Lakshmi will get rid of sins and will attain happiness.



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