If You Believe in God, You Will Not Be Afraid of Anything!

In case you believe in God, you won’t fear the unknown as you are aware that his light will guide you even through the darkest nights. You realize that his way might not be the easiest way but it is the best one. It is actually the only way that will protect you from what may harm you or hinder you. You understand that his wisdom will help you when you are lost.


In case you believe in God, you won’t lose hope even if your entire world falls apart. Also, you won’t lose hope even if you think everyone abandons you. Furthermore, you won’t lose hope even if you feel like you cannot get anything right. You know that God is always with you. He always makes room for something greater in your life. That’s why he may close a few doors at the same time. This means that God is trying to tell you that you should change your life and your path. Even though you sometimes feel like God isn’t fair, he was trying to prepare you for something amazing. Whenever he made your life harder, God was, without a doubt, trying to prepare you for something that will make your life much easier.
In case you believe in God, you will comprehend that you did not ‘lose’ anyone or anything. The truth is that God took people and things away from you for a reason. Moreover, he is aware when something has served its purpose. The messengers God sent you have taught you the lessons you had to learn. The pain you experienced brought you closer to God. You realize that your own mistakes made you a better and stronger person. You actually do not lose anyone or anything since he just takes away what may destroy you. God just takes away what may break your heart even more.
In case you believe in him, you won’t question him. You will always believe in him even in situations when you do not understand him. In addition, you will realize that you aren’t ready for what you are asking for.
You will comprehend that the universe isn’t trying to work against you. It’s actually trying to work for you as you are aware that it does not simply give you what you are asking for immediately. Additionally, the universe will give you what you need at a time when you are able to love it as well as appreciate it. It will give you what you need at a time when you have healed from your pain and past. It will also give you what you need at a time when you will not take it for granted.


In case you believe in God, you will always be happy. Moreover, happiness will not be such an elusive concept. Furthermore, it will not be what you must work that hard for. Also, it will not be what you must chase. You will just be happy and content with God’s plans. You will also be happy that you do not have to worry about anything as you believe in his power and his mercy.
You will be happy when you get more attached to him rather than getting attached to life. You shouldn’t fear anything since he is always by your side.



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