Shradhs and Pitr Dosha

In Hindu tradition, Shradhs are considered to be of much significance. Astrologically, if a horoscope is suffering from Pitr Dosha then the period is regarded to be an ideal occasion to perform rites for the deceased ancestors to keep their spirit gratified for years.


In Shrimad Bhagwat Gita, Lord Krishna said that if a person has been deprived of performing the ceremonies of his deceased ancestors then the native is likely to suffer in his present life in terms of career, business or general prosperity. 
Hindu shastras say that there is karmic bond of life and death. It is believed that one owes three main debts. First, Deva Rin (debt to God), debt towards Lord Vishnu that can be cleared by donation. Second, Rishi Rin (debt to guru) debt of Lord Sun that is cleared by achieving knowledge and sharing. Third, Pitr Rin (debt to forefathers). Debt of Lord Brahma that is cleared by children doing pind-daan for their ancestors.
Astrologically, Pitr Dosha is a common word for all three rinas. If Rahu or Ketu are afflicted in ascendant; in second, fourth, sixth, eighth or 12th house and aspected by ill-effect of Mercury, Sun or Jupiter then Pitr Dosha comes into existence in the horoscope. There are many other factors also to ascertain Pitr Dosha. The position causes defeat in all attempts, loss of property sickness and unconventional life. 


In some cases, there are untimely deaths or the native does not have the family bliss. It can also cause delays in marriage. It is only Shradhs during which the ill-effect of Pitr Dosha can be mitigated. Our ancient writings suggest the following remedies to be performed during Shradhs under expert guidance.
Arpan: Donate silver or utensils to a needy person.Tarpan: Light a lamp of wheat flour (atte ka diya) near water.Samarpan: Serve kheer with cashews to a newly married couple.Caution: Don’t trust an unknown woman.
Arpan: Donate milk to needy person.Tarpan: Light eight lamps made of flour near water.Samarpan: Offer a pitcher of food in flowing water.Caution: Limit your expenses according to your earnings. Don’t take loans especially on Friday.
Not able to achieve desired status or taking U-turn in life.Arpan: Light a lamp near water.Tarpan: Keep food on nine leaves and place it on the roof.Samarpan: Offer dakshina / dhoti-kurta / pyjama to Brahmin and seek blessings.Caution: Be honest in your work.
Arpan: Sweet dish or jaggery.Tarpan: Light 11 earthen lamps near water.Samarpan: Offer an umbrella to Brahmin.Caution: Before the construction, Bhoomi Pujan should be done.



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