Reply privately to Vacation mode: 5 upcoming features that will make WhatsApp more interesting
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WhatsApp is working on some interesting new features for power users.


It has been a year of new features for WhatsApp. The messaging app is yet to add more features that will make WhatsApp not only more convenient but exciting as well.
Last week, WhatsApp rolled out its stickers pack for iOS and Android users. WhatsApp has a bunch of stickers for characters like like Komo, Unchi and Rollie, and Shiba Inu. Users can also download more stickers on WhatsApp from third-party apps.
WhatsApp tests new features for its platform in its beta app before releasing it for the stable version. If you want a first-hand experience of new WhatsApp features you can do so by enrolling into the beta programme. We look at some features available on WhatsApp beta for Android which is expected to roll out for all users soon.
Reply privately
This is the biggest feature to arrive on WhatsApp beta. With this new feature, users can reply privately to messages on group chats. While this may sound complication, its application is simple. Once you long press on a message, select the three dotted menu button on top and select ‘Reply privately’. You will be taken to the personal chat box of the recipient.
Also, the reply shortcut will be displayed as it would have been originally in the group chat. Here’s a screenshot for clarity.
Vacation and silent modes
These two features make it easier to hide chats on WhatsApp. Vacation Mode feature will make your archived chats completely disappear from the list. If you have an archived chat which has been muted, it will not be un-archived. You can view archived chats at the bottom of your chat list.
Silent mode hides the app badge for muted chats. Silent mode will not show the badge when a message from muted chats or groups arrives. This feature is turned on by default.


Picture-in-Picture mode
Available for iOS users and WhatsApp beta on Android, this feature lets users watch videos within the app. WhatsApp currently supports videos from YouTube and Instagram. When you receive a YouTube or an Instagram link and press play, the video will open inside WhatsApp. You can continue chatting while watching the video simultaneously.
Preview media from notifications
WhatsApp beta users can preview media from their notifications. While this feature is available on WhatsApp beta, it is visible only to select users. When you receive a photo or video on WhatsApp you can see it from the notification itself without having to open it. WhatsApp also allows its beta users to mark their messages read from the notification bar.
Dark Mode
Dark mode has become increasingly popular with apps like Twitter and YouTube having embraced it already. Facebook will also roll out dark mode for Messenger soon. The company is reportedly working on the same for WhatsApp as well. There’s no visual proof for dark mode on WhatsApp but the feature is expected to roll out soon.



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