Women have more stamina and endurance than men, says study
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Men might posses additional physical strength than ladies, however ladies square measure so much superior once it involves muscle endurance and stamina, a replacement study has found. Researchers, together with those at University of British Columbia in North American country, found that ladies square measure significantly less exhausted when natural, dynamic muscle exercises than men of comparable age and athletic ability.

“We have celebrated for a few time that ladies square measure less fatigable than men throughout isometric muscle tests static exercises wherever joints don't move, like holding a we tend toight however we wished to seek out if that's true throughout additional dynamic and sensible everyday movements,” same Brian John Dalton, prof at UBC.

“And the solution is pretty definitive: ladies will outlive men by a large margin,” he added. Researchers recruited eight men and 9 ladies that were at an identical level of good shape. Participants were asked to flex their foot against a set of sensors as quickly as they may two hundred times.

The speed, power and force of their movements and electrical activity of their muscles was then captured and recorded over time. “We selected to live foot movements as a result of it makes use of calf muscles on the rear of the leg, that square measure essential for sensible, everyday tasks like standing and walking,” John Dalton same.

The team found that males were quicker and additional powerful initially however became additional dog-tired a lot of quicker than females. “We grasp from previous analysis that for events like ultra-trail running, males might complete them quicker however females square measure significantly less tired by the tip,” John Dalton same.

“If ever associate degree ultra-ultra-marathon is developed, ladies may dominate in this arena,” he added. The study was revealed within the journal Applied Physiology, Nutrition, and Metabolism.




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