Top 5 Best Stethoscope in India 2018 – Comparison & Reviews
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Doctor or medical students, everyone needs stethoscope as it is the only screening tool doctor or medical person use to diagnosis patients. Stethoscope gives quite good idea of how the heart beat sounds, how many heart beat per minutes going, how inner body function is going, because medical person uses body sounds to check patients. Stethoscope, which directly fits in doctor’s ear give clear sound and help them to diagnosis patients easily. Today, we bring you top 5 best stethoscope in India, which gives perfect auscultation and help doctor to gather more information.

Top 5 Best Stethoscope in India 2018

#01 Littmann Classic Iii Stethoscope 27 inch 5 years warranty
#02 IndoSurgicals Stethoscope Littmann Type -- Replacement guarantee
#03 Rossmax Cardiology EB600 Stethoscope 47cm 2 years warranty
#04 MSI Microtone Stethoscope 47cm 1 year warranty
#05 3M Littmann 27-inch 5803 Classic III Stethoscope 27 inch 5 years warranty
These are the top 5 Stethoscopes of India which are quite popular, gives accurate results and much recommended by senior doctors as well. Though, there are many other Stethoscopes too available, but Littmann is quite popular, known since years, and its all in one perfect Stethoscope with good length. Below we have provided reviews of all the Stethoscopes with their length, price and features.

But before that, we need to guide you on which is best Stethoscope, how to select the best one, do check out our guide, before you buy.

How to select Best Stethoscope in india?

Though, there are some local brands available in India which produce cheap price Stethoscope but for professional use and for medical students (who wish to learn in perfect way), should not compromise with quality while looking for price. Littmann, Indosurgicals, Rossmax are international brands and quite popular as well. They produce quite high quality products, which last for years and years.

Warranty:- Always look for Stethoscope with warranty as it can help you replace or repair it whenever you needed in warranty period. We have listed Stethoscopes which have good warranty.

Length of Tube: – Length should be good enough of Stethoscope Tube, since long Tube helps you to check patients from good distance. Also, you don’t need to bend much with long Tube Stethoscope.

Weight: – Always go for light weight Stethoscope, as you need to carry it around your neck all the time. Light weight Stethoscopes helps you to not much stress around your neck.

Ratings:- Also, check for user ratings and product ratings. Good rating always specifies good quality and durability of the product.

Now check the reviews of top 5 Stethoscope of India which are popular and has good features as well.

Top 5 Best Stethoscope in India 2018 [Reviews]

Below is short review of Stethoscopes which we selected after much checking features, user reviews, warranty, and much more specifications. Do check reviews below;

Littmann Classic Iii 5620 Stethoscope is most popular and high rated Stethoscope. Not only in india, but in aboard too, this brand is quite popular. If you ask any of your senior doctor or teacher, he/she must be using Littmann Stethoscope only. This Littmann classic Lii 5620 is entry level Stethoscope with two side chestpiece, with 27inch long Stethoscope Tube.

You can adjust the diaphragm for paediatric/adult patients. You can easily convert/attach diaphragm easily. Small diaphragm is used for paediatric patients as it is small in size, while bigger one for adult patients. Littmann gives 5 years of warranty on this Stethoscope; you just need to register this product on official website of littmann to claim your warranty.

Length of Tube:- 27 inch

Warranty :- 5 years

Ratings :- 5/5

Price :- Check latest price in India at Amazon | Flipkart.

IndoSurgicals StethoscopeIndosurgicals Stethoscope’s are too popular as it has low price tag than littmann. Medical students prefer low price Stethoscope like indosurgicals. This brand too quite good and so far very positive reviews by users as well. This Stethoscope too, has two sided chest piece technology, you can use it for small to adults easily.

It offers very sensitive and high acoustic sound on Stethoscope; you can clearly listen to blood pressure sound, lung, heart as well. It has good quality of ear cups, both stainless steel diaphragms, easy to switch. Its light weight product with high end feature.

Length of Tube: –

Warranty :- no warranty/replacement guarantee.

Ratings :- 4.5/5

Price :- Check latest price in India at Amazon | Flipkart.

Rossmax Cardiology EB600Rossmax EB600 is another good Stethoscope with low price tag. It has very good sensitivity and acoustic sound. Rossmax is known and popular brand in medical instrument creation. Rossmax has given 2 years warranty on this Stethoscope.

Though, it does not have two chest pieces, just single diaphragm. The diaphragm is made of advance stainless steel and has good durability as well. Its light weight product has 47 Cm of length (tube).

Length of Tube: – 47cm

Warranty :- 2 years warranty.

Ratings :- 4.5/5

Price :- Check latest price in india at Amazon | Flipkart.

MSI Microtone StethoscopeFrom hi-tech medical instrument manufacturer, this Stethoscope has high ratings and low price. It has single aluminum 45mm chest piece with alloy anodized. The ear tubes are having extra soft material, you don’t feel pain while using it for long time.

Also, MSI has given one extra diaphragm with extra ear knobs. You can surely use it for 2-3 years without much issue. But it has got 1 year warranty from manufacturer as well. It has too 47 cm of tube length.

Length of Tube: – 47cm

Warranty :- 1 year warranty.

Ratings :- 4.3/5

Price :- Check latest price in india at Amazon | Flipkart.

3M Littmann 27-inch 5803Those who wants high quality Stethoscope, with high standards, more acoustic sound, Littmann 3M 5803 has more smooth and great sound. It comes with 2 chest piece, one small and one for adults. The tube is 27 inch long, made with next-gen tubing. Which provides protection from skin oil, alcohol, pick up strains.

Littmann provides 5 years warranty on classic III, which you need to claim via registering on official site. It has better sound, sensitivity and high quality material as compared to classic Iii. It is bit costly but has good quality product with black tube, which gives more attractive design.

Length of Tube: – 27 inch

Warranty :- 5 years warranty.

Ratings :- 4.9/5

Price :- Check latest price in india at Amazon | Flipkart.

Conclusion :- Stethoscope is basic and important screening device for doctor and medical students. We have listed some of the most popular Stethoscope which are having high quality and long durable. Still, you try any brand no one match littmann. Littmann classic Iii 5620 is in budget Stethoscope with high quality features.

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