Top 10 Best Perfumes for Men in India 2018 – Latest Price Comparison
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Everyone loves good smell, like to have fragrance around them. Whether, it is club party or office meeting or marriage function, every event needs different scent and different smell. We have many people around us who smells same all the time, which does not add any value to their personality. Here is list of top 10 best perfumes for men in India.

Comparison of Top 10 Best Perfumes for Men in India 2018

Below is table of top 10 perfumes available in India, which are used by men, and has good fragrance. To get good smell is guarantee.
Earlier, only ladies used to use perfumes but nowadays men perfumes are very popular as well, there are different scents available in market for office use, for business meeting, for romantic date and for marriage occasion. We have now available many different scent or perfumes for men in online market. Below are reviews of the all the top perfumes for men which are popular, has good user reviews and can be long lasting as well.

Reviews of Top 10 Best Perfume for Men in India

Here is some glimpse of the 10 best perfumes which we chose for you, after much research and considering the price, style and smell, these perfumes are good (some of them are from popular brands too included here).

#1 Giorgio Armani Acqua Di Gio

Here is our #1 choice in best perfumes for men, from Giorgio Armani.This perfume has rosemary, spice, jasmine, woods, citrus and ocean smell, which is perfect for any occasion.

This perfume is good even If you are having business meeting at day time or going for romantic date on evening, for anytime and any even this scent will suit you. it will give salty and sweet smell everytime.

#2 Gucci Guilty Black

Gucci is very popular and luxury brand in perfumes. If you want a bold, sensual body language with supporting smell, try this Gucci guilty black.

It is special scent from the Gucci which is good for gifting purpose also. It is good for romantic date or for club party style.

#3 Paco Rabanne One Million EDT for Men

On the important business meeting, this perfume from Paco Rabanne gives you perfect smell which you need the most.  It gives intense and warm feeling while use this perfume.

It gives smell of fruit, rose and warm spices as well. Apart from that it has citrus and leather + cinnamon hint as well. It will defiantly going to attract you while you enter in meeting room.

#4 Blue Seduction Large 3.4oz EDT Perfume for Men

For polite and Burberry smell, you can try with blue seduction 3.4oz perfume from Antonio Banderas.

It has very light smell, good for romantic date and for personal meetings. It gives light smell, keep the fragrance around you, so you can feel fresh all the time. it is quite long lasting perfume and into budget scent.

#5 Boss Grey EDT Men

If you are looking for perfume for romantic meet or for the casual meet, this should be chosen with blind eye. Boss Grey EDT has classy and sophisticated fragrance around you for long time.

You can even use for mood stress change, body chemistry. It has power to change your current body smell with light use. If you are going for romantic date, this should be your final choice for the evening.

#6 Jaguar classic Black for men

For those who are looking for cheap option for all events, here is perfect option for you, Jaguar classic Black for men, with smell of orange, spicy, ginger, and white musk.

It also gives you smell of sandalwood, by creating woody feeling. This is natural fragrance which suits any stylish man. One can use this scent for romantic date or for casual meeting as well. It is best solution for all your occasion perfume in budget.

#7 Wild Stone for Men, Ultra Sensual

Under Rs.500, there are very few options available which has good scent and smell, but Wild stone has got one for you. Wild Stone perfumes are widely popular in India and has many flavors available for perfumes and deo.

It has very nice and long lasting fragrance, you can use this for any event or party or romantic date or for business meetings as well. Do try it, it is good perfume with under the budget price.

#8 Adidas Dynamic Pulse EDT

This one is from the famous sports brand of the world; Adidas has got you good perfume. This sent has citrus, cedar, mint and fragrance of the lots of fruits.

It also gives you smell of the woods and tonka. If you are sweating very hard and want good scent with low price for long lasting fragrance, this is good option for you.

#9 Titan Skinn Raw Men

With low price, and perfume for business meetings, you can try Titan Skin Raw Men which has refreshing and distinctive smell which can improve your inner strength and gives you good confidence.

It suits the personality of the men who has good daring, bold and confident enough to take stand.  It has good bottle design; you can also consider it to gift someone. Just that we expected better sprayer from titan.

#10 Nautica Blue EDT Spray for Men

This perfume is also low price tag product, with fragrance of pineapple, cedar, jasmine, peach, musk, sandalwood, water lily and many others. If you have oily skin and want long lasting fragrance, this is good option for you.

It has very good bottle design, under Rs.999 price and available online in india, you can also gift it someone else. When we did try it, it lasted for 6 hrs without any issue.

Conclusion: – Perfume is very good to use, it gives confidence in you and helps you to impress other person easily. Don’t use same perfume for office, daily use or for party. We recommended having 3 perfumes to everyone for different style and personality. We have listed some of the best perfumes for men (available in india), hope our review guide will help you to chose the best perfume.

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