Best Sunscreen Lotion(SPF Level) in India 2019 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide
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Are you looking for ways to protect your skin from all pesky conditions that harmful sunlight offers, look no further than this post? Today, we’re reviewing top 10 sunscreens available online to cater all your skin types. So, is the time to embrace sunshine like never before? Enjoy this summer season without anything to worry about. Get all set and ready to step out, enjoy and protect your skin all at once with the help of these listed sunscreen brands to get your skin sun ready all day every day!

Best Sunscreen Lotion in India

The Phoyostable Bello Gel offers UVA/UVB Protection Very Water & Sweat Resistant Photostable Complex” Oil & Paba Free Non-Comedogenic – Won’t Clog Pores and is hypoallergenic Dermatologist Recommended. It offers a powerful Broad Spectrum Sun Protection. It’s proven to provide a superior balance of protection from the sun’s burning UVB Rays and long term damaging UVA Rays.

Why we recommend it

*The gel offers complete Uva/Uvb Protection
*This gel is Dermatologist Recommended
*It offers powerful Sun Protection

Did you know only 7 minutes of sun exposure can cause skin damage?  Just a matter of minutes under the sun can cause skin tanning. Any Increased time under the sun can cause suntan, pigmentation and even photo-aging! Our straight-up advice you ask? Wear sunscreen every day before you step out even if it’s just for a grocery chore or a day at the beach. The Lakmé Sun Expert range provides guaranteed protection from up to 97% harmful sunrays. Lakmé Sun Expert UV + Fairness Lotion is the all-around care and protection that your skin needs this summer. With the new non-sticky and light formulation created particularly for the hot and humid Indian weather, you don’t have any reasons to skip it! Likewise, this range comes with a 12-hour protection tag which means you can be rest assured all day long after application.

Why we recommend it

*This lotion is hypoallergenic, dermatologically tested and is perfect for all types of skin. You can apply this after cleansing and hydrating and before putting on any sort of makeup.
*When going out in the sun, just put on this and you’ll be ready with a glow that is also protecting you. For those who love to step out and have some fun in the sun, you don’t have to think twice about tan-lines.
*This travel pack is specially designed to be carried everywhere you go.
*With SPF 50 with PA+++ it beautifully blocks harmful UV sun rays and protects skin from sun damage, such as sun spots and skin darkening.
*Go all Matte with the new range of Lakmé Sun Expert SPF 50 with PA+++ spreads smoothly and gives your skin an ultra-matte finish.

Biotique offers Sandalwood sunscreen lotion, its nutrient-rich lotion blended with sandalwood, saffron, wheat germ, honey and bark of the Arjun tree to keep skin soft, fair and moisturized. It helps you protects skin with broad spectrum SPF 50 UVA/UVB sunscreen. Its very water resistant retains SPF after 80 minutes in the water.

Why we recommend it

*It helps lessen the risk of skin aging, skin cancer and other damaging effects of the sun.
*This fresh-frothing, the soap-free gel is blended with honey and extracts from the bark of the Arjun tree, euphorbia plant, and wild turmeric.
*It humbly liquefies makeup and filths, softens skin and helps lighten the complexion.

Lotus Herbals present 3-in-1 daily sunblock is an innovative sun protection design which syndicates broad-spectrum UVA and UVB protection with skin lightening elements to give a uniform matte finish to the skin. Its fast absorption and non-greasy formula ensure a shine-free, light and clean feel.

Why we recommend it

*It comes with a Mallow extract: Soothing and anti-inflammatory
*Hops extract: Astringent properties
*All you have to do is to apply Lotus Herbals Matte-Look Sun Block generously and evenly on face and bare parts of the body (neck, arms, legs, etc.) before exposure to the sun. Re-apply frequently.
*The best part is that it is suitable for all skin types

Are you eyeing for a sunscreen product that does not let you down, a few hours after its application? If you’re looking for a gel-based lotion that leaves a matte feel after you apply it? Being a user there’re a lot of queries here’s why Lotus has come up with all the queries in a bottle of 50 SPF Matte Gel.

Why we recommend it

*Lotus Herbals brings to you a striking new sunscreen matte gel that gets riveted in your skin instantaneously. It comes in a travel-friendly orange tube pack.
*The ultra-soothing matte effect of the Lotus gel controls oil excretion, leaving your face refilled.
*The ultra-soothing formula of the Lotus matte gel gets absorbed in your skin easily and fights against skin darkening. Infused with ingredients like Comfrey, Soothing Horse Chestnut and Sebum Control Vanilla, the sunscreen gel delivers effective solutions to skin tanning.
*The meticulous use of this matte gel keeps your skin from generating wrinkles; it also averts your skin from drooping. Currently, the sunscreen matte gels have become more operative than sunscreen creams and other anti-tanning products.
*Matte gels are better alternatives for creams and lotions. Put on the Lotus Herbals Sun Screen Gel, 50g gel consistently on your face, neck and other visible parts of your body whenever you go out in the sun.

Neutrogena offers Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunblock SPF 50+, innovative, dermatologist-tested formula that comprises helioplex technology, the latest breakthrough in UV protection. It’s alleviated with Helioplex, it delivers superior balanced broad-spectrum safety alongside skin-aging UVA and burning UVB rays, and cartels it with Dry Touch Technology for an ultra-light, non-shiny finish. The serious sun protection never felt this light on your skin. This frivolous sunblock has a light fresh scent and is mild enough even for sensitive skin.

Why we recommend it

*Offers broad-spectrum UV protection against both UVA/UVB rays
*It’s dermatologist-tested
*Non-greasy, oil free
*Fast-absorbing and water resistant
*It uses dry-touch Technology offers ultra-light, non-shiny finish

Aroma Magic offers a natural sunblock for all skin types. A cream with a high content of natural sunscreen agents that protect your skin by blocking out UVA and UVB rays. It’s suitable for sunbathing & during swimming. It’s safe for the delicate skin of children.

Why we recommend it

*100 percent free of oxybenzone, paraben, harsh chemicals, alcohol, and artificial fragrance; provide natural sun safety, vitamins B5, C, E.
*It precludes visible signs of aging. Cucumber extracts cool, soothe sunburn and provide smart sun protection
*All you need is to apply evenly over cleansed face and neck, before sun exposure, each morning. Wear alone or under makeup

WOW brings you the water resistant and lasting sunscreen with high protection or SPF count. It offers effective and protection to your screen from heat damage and saves you from harmful UVA and UVB sunrays from all sorts of pesky skin conditions eventually leading to aging. It is water resistant and last long on your skin even if you sweat or swim a lot.

Why we recommend it

*It offers long-lasting protection. Its non-greasy, quick-absorbing and water-resistant sunscreen lotion that gives longer-lasting broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection for the skin.
*The exceptionally effective formulation of wow skin science anti-pollution sunscreen has been powered with alteromonas ferment extract from French Polynesian sea waters.
*Natural polysaccharides to dispel pollutant specks coming in contact with your skin. It also lifts the skin’s inner healing power to reverse free radicals and refresh skin.

A unique and non-greasy body lotion nourishes and hydrates completely. SPF 25 and PA+++ formula prevents tanning and skin darkening and protects from harmful UVA/UVB rays. This is a unique blend of Vitamin B3 and E with UV filter which controls melanin prevents skin darkening and adds a glow to the skin. This Body Lotion maintains a pH balance of the skin and makes it healthy and glowing.

Why we recommend it

*Quantity: 250ml; Item Form: Cream
*Prevents dark spots; Protection from UVA/UVB
*It helps in whitens the skin
*Usage: Apply liberally all over the body ideally after taking shower or before going to bed at night. It covers all dry stressed areas like elbows, hands, heels, knees. Can be used any-time your skin feels particularly parch or dry?

La Shield sunscreen gel saves your gentle skin from the harmful UVA & UVB sieves to deliver a broad spectrum guard. It also benefits to improve skin hydration. You have to re-apply sunscreen after every two hours to duck tanning.

Why we recommend it

*Sunscreens offer superior protection. The higher the SPF means the greater the security against the damaging rays of the sun. This sunscreen is SPF 40. It is ideal for the Indian skin and the level of sun exposure.
*Yes, its gel based. Most normal sunscreens are cream based and tend to be weighty. This sunscreen is gel based, consequently very light on the skin. It is very easy to put on and gives a non-oily smooth finish. It is a broad range of sunscreen UVA and UVB filters.
*This gel-based sunscreen is appropriate for all skin types counting combination skin types. It can be used by both men and women.

Personal Recommendation

Being smart consumers never ever compromise the quality of skin care products you buy because of the money. Respected sunscreens are indeed accessible on the Internet if you’re on a budget. If you are having a hard time finding one, we have recognized a good option for you Lotus Herbals Safe Sun 3-In-1 Matte Look Daily Sunblock SPF-40 is an appreciated, performance oriented and an effective sunscreen available. It is also tough and has a well-engineered design that will help you get the best skincare solutions ever.

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