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When I reached the kosmoderma clinic, I was escorted by the staff, to Dr. Sneha’s  chamber. The first thing Dr. Sneha said to me was I had good skin. I know that more or less my skin genes are good (wish my hair was the same) but coming from a dermatologist, it was a huge deal.

She asked me if I had any specific queries. I went with two questions in my mind 1. My acne monsters who pop up to say hi to me every month 2. And the stubborn marks they leave on my skin.

She even asked my history of treatments that i had tried earlier. She jotted down everything in my treatment file. She also asked my food and lifestyle habits.

To confirm that my acne is not because of hormonal issues she asked me to get couple of blood tests done.

After seeing my test reports she confirmed that my acne was not because of any hormonal problems.

Next step was 3D analysis of my skin. I was clicked and my skin was analyzed through a software. The analysis is very interesting and surreal at the same time. It gives you a picture of pigmentation in your deeper layers of skin, active acne points whether you break out or not and textures of your skin which describe the level of hydration and other things. My cheeks were not that great so I need to work on them.

3D analyser

Skin is analysed to check the depth of the acne scar

There are whole lot of other things I got to discuss with the doc. Overall, it was a huge mine of information for me. And, now I was ready to get my treat.


She suggested Purity Facial treatment for that day and then made it a point to break it down into simpler terms why she was suggesting a particular course of treatment for me.

Since I had active acne, the treatment for me was modified to spot treatment the acne + add some hydration to my skin.

Step 1: My skin was completely cleansed with the Purity cleanser which is made specifically for acne prone skin.

Step 2: Salicylic acid peel as a spot treatment for the acne. This helps to reduce the oil secretion and reduce the redness of the acne.

Step 3: Extraction- My comedones were extracted using steam to open the pores followed by a post extraction solution

Step 4: A good 15 minutes massage with purity serum.

Step 5: Purity mask for the rest of the face. This is to reduce the size of the pores, improves hydration and leaves the skin feeling super clean.

Step 6: Moisturiser, eyecream and sunscreen.

Post treatment precautions.

There are a number of precautions to be taken after a medispa facial including no parlour activities such a threading, no going out in direct sun, sunscreen to be applied every 4 hours, no vigorous workout and no makeup for 3 days to a week. Make sure to ask the doctor about it twice.

How I felt about the treatment.

My skin definitely felt more hydrated and supple and I had a glow that lasted for days. My active acne dried up and eventually shrunk in size.  After that,  I have not had any new breakouts whatsoever till today i.e 2 weeks later.

I quite loved how my skin felt after the treatment and have been maintaining it with the Purity face wash and Purity mask at home.

I hope this post helps you look at Kosmoderma as a place to go when you want to invest in your skin and not just a place to meet a skin doctor.

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