Long Lasting Fragrances For Women Under 2k
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Do you also feel that perfumes dig a big hole in your pocket, but you just can’t seem to stay away from them just like us? They are after all one of those things which can make you look and feel like worth a million bucks. Are fragrances your weakness too, but you can’t afford those classic French ones with a fancy bottle (two spritzes and ahhh, they just make you smell like heaven)?

Good perfumes, of course, do not by any means, come cheap. So, we dug in deep and got you a list of some of the best fragrances that are pocket-friendly and stay for long hours. Thank us later!

Calvin Klein CK In2u

For a super confident and sophisticated woman like yourself, this oh-so fresh perfume is just perfect! An exuberant, floral scent that lasts all day, it’s no wonder that this bestseller by Calvin Klein is so popular around the world.

Price: Rs 1,666.

Elizabeth Arden 5th Avenue NYC

The beauty of this baby is that it will actually make you feel like you hail from New York City’s super-fashionable 5th Avenue! The fragrance is subtle and fruity – and comes in the most elegant glass bottle.

Price: Rs 1,859

Hugo Boss Orange Sunset

Perfect for wearing on a warm, sunny day. It has a citrus, floral scent that keeps you feeling fresh even hours later. Can you imagine wearing this and watching the sunset while holding hands with the love of your life? Sounds really romantic, sigh!

Price: Rs 1,994

Avon Little Black Dress

This scent will not only compliment  your LBD, but will also make you the centre of attention at a party. It has a strong, musky scent with a floral, feminine touch.

Price: Rs 1,121

Benetton Let’s Love

If you believe in love at first sight, you have to try this perfume. It smells so fresh, and once you spray it on your body, you’ll want to do it again and again!

Price: Rs 1,620

Guess Seductive

This one has a sweet, floral, irresistible scent and the power to grab attention. Perfect for wearing on dates and wooing your crush in the best way possible! You’ll surely make him want to keep coming back for more with this flirty perfume.

Price: Rs 1,572

Davidoff Cool Water

This one’s a classic and every girl must try using it once in her life. The light, aquatic scent will make you feel SO refreshed instantly.

Price: Rs 1,750

Eau De Prep Tommy Girl

A super feminine fragrance that manages to be sweet, sporty and elegant all at the same time. We think it’s a super choice for an everyday scent!

Price: Rs 1,585.

Victoria’s Secret Sheer Love

Victoria’s Secret perfumes are popular for good reason. They define quality and live up to almost every woman’s expectation. This one comes in a royal purple luxe bottle and is a royal plum and freesia infused fragrance that lingers all day.

Price: Rs 1,950

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