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Greetings to all complexion conscious beauties!!
Since I am so paranoid about sun tanning and UV ray damage I always make sure to invest in a good sunscreen and that’s why I put my trust in Aroma Leaf sunscreen with SPF 60. It feels light on skin, no heavy fragrance and light on pocket.

We all are on a constant quest of finding a perfect solution for our skin. This time I got my hands on one such product which is a combination of all of our skin’s needs. Removing tan is a royal pain in neck and it’s better to shield one’s skin against sun than try to apply million things to remove tan and it’s almost impossible to remove the permanent damage caused by sun. We can avoid that entire night mare just by including a sun screen lotion in our daily beauty regime. One can invest in an expensive lotion for face and neck and not so pricey one for other body parts. This lotion is one such cheap yet effect lotion I purchased to protect my precious skin

We wish to have a Moisturizer, Sunscreen, anti-wrinkle, matte-finish, pigmentation removal elements in one beauty cream.

Here is the product review of Aroma Leaf Sunscreen SPF 60

Brand Name: Aroma Leaf Sunscreen SPF 60

Product: All skin type cream

Price: Rs 295

Method of use: 

You need to follow these simple steps to get the best coverage and results

*Clean your face with a cleanser.
*Pat it dry.
*Apply cream over face in form of small dots.
*Spread the cream over skin, you will get smooth finish skin.

Cream has skin color tone so it blends perfectly

*Cream has a very good consistency and smooth texture
*Spreads quickly and very small quantity is required
*Gives you proper sunscreen and moisturizing effect.


*Does not leave a white cast with flash photography.
*Sunscreen has very good effect with respect to moisturizing effect
*Helps reduce pigmentation
*Long lasting


*Packaging is bit clumpsy . As we have to use our fingers directly to take the product from the tub.

Overall, this is one good cream with economical cost and good results.

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