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If you’re someone who constantly nags about the odious smell in the car then we’ve something for you. Adding an air purifier in your car will remarkably enhance the quality of air by removing the odours and allergens. Nowadays, users spend a lot of time in the cars while commuting, if you live in a metro city you know what we’re referring to. When we spend most of the time in the car, you’re exposed to a lot of pollutants from car, emissions, and general dust. Such type of pollutants can lead to multiple respiratory diseases which makes it worse for people. If you travel a lot with your loved ones involving your family members, babies, pets then surely you need a car air purifier to keep dust, germs and pollutants at bay etc. To make it easier for you we’ve decided to put together a list of 5 best air purifiers that can be used inside a car.

Top 10 Best Car Air Purifier in India

This car air purifier from Nimble is an efficient tool to take away all the dirt inside your car making it a far cleaner place as far as the inborn air is concerned. It comprises of the top-class purifying expertise coupled up with the HEPA filter & filter containing activated carbon. It functions by generating negative ions that help in removing all the bacteria and dirt inside your car and eradicates allergen as well as the false smell. You require replacing its HEPA filter within 6-months of usage.


*Captures a majority of allergens in the car
*Efficient in removing the stale smell
*Comes with the negative ions generator
*Provides a clean breathing experience
*Kills harmful bacteria and pollutants

The BreatheEasy Car Air purifier has been precisely intended for your car and its filter has the capability to efficiently eliminate PM2.5 particles. It further diminishes the presence odors like the smell of pets and every other kind of false odor in your car. This purifier might be simply positioned over the dashboard or some other place that suits your cabin. It further comprises of a USB port that can charge your phone as well. Maintain this purifier on regular basis for effective working.


*Efficient car air purifying performance
*Comprises of a larger fan for faster purification
*Eradicates all kinds of odors and pollutants
*Comes with a USB charging port to charge phones
*Matches well with any sort of dashboard

The car air purifier from Purify+ provides you a heartening performance while you travel in your car. An individual residing in India passes above 20 hours inside the car on an average during a week in which he is majorly open to contaminants from vehicles on the road and injurious gases such as formaldehyde. The Purify+ Car Air Purifier provides an eminent way out to this problem and healthier air to respire. To enrich you experience while driving, this air purifier is one of the best choices.


*Offers a combines HEPA & activated carbon filter
*Easily removes bacteria and viruses from the car
*Provides the options of an ionizer for negative ions
*Maintains an effective clean air delivery ratio
*Provides a better car driving experience

Atlanta Healthcare comes equipped with a HEPA filter that provides you the ability to respire fresh and pure air whilst driving from one place to another by a car. The MotoFresh Elite and MotoPure Ultra are appropriate to use in both small and big cars. Every single product has been equipped with a twofold fan expertise to back the highest CADR on the marketplace. Due to these features, it has been ranked the most influential product for purifying air in your car.


*Comes with the Dual Fan Technology
*Provides the highest CADR among other products
*Equipped with 4-stage purification technology
*Efficient to purify your car within 10 minutes
*Comprises of the best-in-class quality features

The Purita premium car air purifier is an effective tool that includes an air quality indicator along with a digital display to provide information about the temperature as well as humidity. A majority of products in the market aren’t offering these specs that are vital for examining the quality of the purifier. It offers a high CADR Ratio to offer effective air cleanup. This air purifier further comprises of the innovative Gesture Induction Control feature to give rise to safer driving environment.


*Provides the highest CADR ratio to the user
*Comprises of an effective digital display
*Over 80 sq. ft. purification coverage area
*Comes with multi-filtration for best purification
*Offers 1-year warranty to the customer

Owing to the elevation of allergens and pollutants in the air, driving your car in such an environment might seriously degrade your health. Therefore, we have come up with an efficient car air purifier for you. The Airspa car air purifier is the tool which can take away all the risk that accompanies the unpurified air. It comprises of an appropriate CADR ratio for providing the best cleanup of the air. It has the capability to remove all harmful pollutants such as formaldehyde and benzene.


*Comprises of the finest HEPA filtration system
*Comes with an effectual CADR ratio for purification
*Offers an active loader waylay filter
*Removes every sort of allergens and pollutants
*Manufacturers provide a 1-year warranty on the product

This car air purifier from Atlanta Healthcare is one of the best car air purifiers available on the market. This air purifier for your car makes the air inside your car very breathable and free from any kind of allergens. It comprises of the fabulous dual-fan arrangement, which quickens the air purification process providing you fresh air within 10 minutes. It has been well-equipped with Activated Carbon, HEPA, Anti-Bacterial Guard, and an ionizer for synthesizing negative ions.


*The best car air purifier in its class
*Offers and elevated CADR ratio of 15m3 per hour
*Provides purification against any kind of pollutant
*Cleans up the air within in really less time
*Comes with the advanced one-touch operation

The Mann-Filter car air purifier offers a 4-times quicker air purification performance that provides an efficient CADR rate as compared to the remaining car air purifiers in the market. It is capable of removing nearly 99% of PM2.5 within a time-period of 10 minutes. Its HEVA filter expertise offers an amazing PM2.5 purification capability. It helps to safeguard you against a majority of pollutants such as formaldehyde, PM2.5, bacteria, volatile organic chemicals, odors, and smells.


*Offers the best air purification performance
*Effectively removes odors, smoke, and pollutants
*4-times quicker CADR ratio for proving clean air faster
*Provides a really faster PM2.5 removal
*Comes with a 4-meter long power cable

The Philips GoPure car air purifier comprises of a high-productivity filtration expertise which might help in removing the allergen and free radicals such as PM2.5 owing to the effectual CADR of nearly 14 m3 per hour. It further helps remove the harmful gases offering a CADR of around 11.5 m3 per hour to provide a healthy gush of air for you as well as you family. This car air purifier has been suggested to long distance travel especially with the people having problem with allergens and pollutants.

*Influential car air purifier for quick air cleanup
*Offers the innovative Philips Select Filter Technology
*Comes with filter replacement indication & Auto On/Off
*Removes every single allergen & pollutant within 13 minutes
*Comprises of 2 distinct fan modes for convenience

Delight in the cleanliness and spotlessness of fresh air inside your car using this car air purifier from Gliese. This state-of-the-art air purifier syndicates the 360-degree HEPA filtration along with the Anion generation to get rid of the smoke residues within your car, injurious allergens and aerosols that comprise of the fumes, PM2.5 dust, pollutants, and free radicals. This car air purifier further comprises of the LED control switch to turn it ON or OFF.


*Helps in absorption of pollutants using HEPA and Ionizer
*Comprises of a sleek and elegant scratch-proof design
*Totally biased to air toxics present in your car
*Provides the most remarkable 360-degree purification
*Efficiently designed for both big and small cars

Best Car Air Purifiers – Comparison Table


Nimble Airpure

Comes with the negative ions generator

BreatheEasy SKUCPB-1

Comes with a USB charging port

Purify+ SSC01R

Offers a combines HEPA & activated carbon filter

Atlanta Healthcare MF-01

Comes with the Dual Fan Technology

Purita HEPA

Offers 1-year warranty

Airspa Car

Offers an active loader waylay filter

Atlanta Healthcare MP-01

elevated CADR ratio of 15m3 per hour

Mann-Filter FC 301

4-times quicker CADR ratio

Philips GoPure

Comprises of 2 distinct fan modes for convenience

Gliese Elegant

Helps in absorption of pollutants using HEPA
What are the primary considerations to keep in mind while purchasing a car air purifier?

A customer who goes out for shopping a car air purifier for their hatchback, SUV, or Sedan usually wants to buy the best car air purifier available on the market, which provides them the finest specs. Therefore, we have lined up some of the considerations of key points that you must check-out while buying an air purifier for your car.

Filters vs. Ionizers

The majorly noticeable divergence among the kinds of car air purifiers available is the technology that they employ so as to get rid of bacteria, dust, and pollutants off the air. The ionizers transmit a stable stream of anions or negative charge, which then eradicate the minute particles from the air. The HEPA filters, conversely, suck the air in and screens out the harmful particles prior to the recirculation of the air.

Convenient Usage

While buying any car air purifier, you desire a bit that’s comparatively guileless to function. The stress-free car air purifiers are precisely intended for portable usage, having power cords that plug straight into the adapter of your car. Moreover, a reliable mounting arrangement is a significant contemplation: a car air purifier that glides near the dash or doesn’t get in suitably inside the car is really problematic.

Maintenance Concerns

The progressive filters might become blocked following its operation inside a car occupied by dirt, allergens, and microorganisms. Devising an effortlessly interchangeable filter is vital for upholding fresh air inside your car, but several models don’t offer filters that are freely available. As far as ionizers are concerned, it isn’t an issue, but it is then significant as well to discover a unit that won’t collapse subsequent to daily usage.

Personal Recommendation

With ever increasing pollution, poor air quality is a serious concern and it’s quite taxing to address the same as it requires the removal of harmful gases and particulates. Being smart consumers never ever compromise the quality of kitchen appliances like car air purifiers you buy because of the money. The appreciated car air purifiers are effortlessly obtainable on the Internet if you’re on a budget. If you are having a hard time finding one, we have identified a good option for you Breathe Easy Car Air Purifiers a worthwhile, performance oriented and a reasonable product. It is also tough and has a well-engineered design that will help you offer car purifiers for years to come.

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