Top 9 Best Bamboo Sunglasses in 2019
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On daily basis, you may require to go outside and face the sun’s blazing heat. While you may secure your hands, legs and other body parts with a comfortable garment, it is important to ensure protection to eyes. The eyes are one of the most delicate organs in the human body and they definitely need care and maintenance on regular basis. Whenever you step outside in extreme sun’s heat without wearing sunglasses, your eyes may be susceptible to damage. You may suffer from watery eyes, eye pain and other problems. The ordinary sunglasses may not be comfortable to wear. Therefore, the market offers bamboo sunglasses to make sure you wear comfortably. They are prepared lightweight materials like plastic, unlike metal. Your ears will not feel fatigue due to their lightweight functionality.

To wear the best bamboo sunglasses to avail comfort and best eye protection, take a look below:

9. Real Bamboo Wood Sunglasses Men & Women:
Every piece of sunglass from the brand is prepared from real wood and this sunglass is no exception. Capable to suit on both men and women, this wood sunglass guarantees comfortable wear. In this pair of sunglass, there is a double spring hinge allowing the arms to bend instead of crack. When you go to the beach, there are no chances of losing the sunglass because they would float in water. There are no issues of using it in water. Due to the exclusive design, the wayfarer style is exclusively prepared by southernmost shades. With unique grain and real wood, each of these sunglasses proves to be comfortable.


You will be able to protect your eyes through real polarized lenses. These lenses are capable to effectively filter the harmful UV rays and bright sunlight.
The use of premium UV400 lenses provides UVA / UVB protection. Moreover, your eyes also avail protection against antiglare.
In addition to the sunglass, the package contains drawstring pouch, tri-fold case, and microfiber cleaning cloth.
• High stability is guaranteed with the presence of the bamboo wood frame.
It comes with the sufficient lens width i.e. 55 millimeters.

8. WISH CLUB Women Bamboo Wood Polarized Sunglasses:
In these polarized sunglasses from WISH CLUB, the use of UV400 polarized lens make sure your eyes stay protected. Any harmful UVA and UVB rays will not damage your eyes. Through these lenses, you would be able to see the outside scenery in an appealing way. These sunglasses can float in water, so they can be conveniently used in water. The lightweight frame is prepared from bamboo wood that is made sufficiently durable for long-term use.


Important components of these women bamboo sunglasses are plastic lens and wood frame.
The included durable frame stays protected against damages due to excess temperature and other climatic variations.
There will be no effects of rust due to the wooden frame.
Implementation of the spring hinge design enhances flexibility. There will be no extra pressure from the glasses.
To effectively clean the sunglasses, the package includes a soft cleaning cloth.

7. WOODIES Bamboo Wood Sunglasses with Mirror Lens:
Fr enjoying your favorite activities at beach, lake or pool, you can carry these vintage wayfarer style sunglasses. With the help of a mirror lens, excellent protection is offered against harmful sun rays. All these wood sunglasses are handcrafted and prepared completely unique.  Due to the exceptional functionalities and affordable price, these WOODIES sunglasses are one of the best-sellers from the brand. Their comfortable and lightweight benefits make your investment worthy.


During the preparation process, there is the use of 100% real bamboo. This bamboo material is natural, lightweight, sturdy and comfortable. The included bamboo possesses a tensile strength sturdier than steel.
For the optimal viewing experience, these wood sunglasses use superior quality polycarbonate, polarized green mirror lens. It is found that the lenses are FDA tested and approved to present comprehensive UV protection.
In every pair of sunglasses, the package includes carrying case, free lens cloth, and guitar pick.
With a view to clean the glasses regularly, the package also comes with a microfiber cloth.

6. Oct17 Wood Bamboo Sunglasses Wooden Mens Womens Vintage Eyewear:
Designed to suit both men and women, this classic style vintage eyewear appears stylish on everyone. Due to the lightweight functionality, this wooden eyewear is made 50% lighter than the typical frame weight.  The structure depicts UV400 rated sunglasses lenses capable to absorb more than 99% of destructive UVA and UVB spectrums.​


High-quality and comfortable feel are guaranteed with the use of the ultra-lightweight half genuine bamboo frame.
In this eyewear, the colored plastic is used to represent a unique style.
Clear visibility is guaranteed with the use of decent quality, durable composite tainted lenses.
With the included fashionable bamboo case, it is quite simple to carry.
Each eyewear’s package of this model incorporates a high-quality wooden case to protect and thoroughly clean your glasses.

5. Shiner Bamboo Wood Sunglasses – UV400 Polarized Lenses:
What attracts the attention of most customers to go for these wood sunglasses is the unique look. The exceptional look is conveyed with the use of bamboo wood. Whenever you wish to wear these wood sunglasses for long hours, they would feel lightweight and durable. The unique engraved art makes these polarized lenses based sunglasses appear unique. In these sunglasses, the custom designed artwork is engraved into the wood frame. It is necessary for bamboo sunglasses to float in water. 

To allow these sunglasses to float in water, there is the inclusion of the lightweight bamboo frame. For enjoying water-filled adventures, they are the best. You can dive deep inside water body up to 50 feet and can stay stress-free regarding the damage.


The use of the black polarized UV400 polarized lens offers a crystal-clear vision.
Your eyes will stay protected against harmful sun rays.
Each pair of these sunglasses is packed inside a custom shiner microfiber pouch. Hence, these wood glasses would stay safe while you are not using them.

4. Bamboo Wood Sunglasses – Polarized handmade wooden shades:
In order to make sure these bamboo wood sunglasses float conveniently in water, these wooden shades are prepared with floatability. They would not sink and would not you’re your eyewear into the water. Each and every pair of the bamboo wooden shades from the 4est shades is packed in a customized bamboo travel case and a cloth pouch. Hence, you can store them safely when not in use. Furthermore, there is the presence of a microfiber cleaning cloth to make sure these wooden shades stay protected for longevity.


You will appear stylish with the etched bamboo frames.
The UV400 polarized lens would eliminate 100% harmful UVA and UVB Rays.
Your eyes will stay protected by eliminating the reflected lights. This functionality benefits the user to restore true color and vision.
When you bend the sunglasses, they would not break.
For universal fit, they come with the stainless steel double spring hinges.

3.  Polarized Wooden Sunglasses For Men & Women:
The soft, lightweight structure and the high-quality polarized frames make these wooden sunglasses unique. For bamboo sunglasses, the excellent durability and lightweight are the prime specialties. These are fulfilled with the use of 100% bamboo in these sunglasses for men & women. Excellent craftsmanship and ergonomic design are the other key specialties of these wooden sunglasses. Their appearance depicts classic style with exceptional touches. There are no chances of losing these glasses in the water while boating, swimming or any other water activities. In the package, the 100% top-quality bamboo case is provided for free.


The presence of the polarized lenses counteracts the glare received from the sun. In this way, you can see clearly irrespective of the brightness being intense or faint. There will be no undesired reflections of the sun.
With the assistance of the double-hinge frames, these sunglasses fit perfectly in a fixed place. The fit is regardless of your face size and shape. These frames also make sure there is no damage to the structure when it is bent.
You can accomplish different water activities without getting afraid of the sunglasses getting immersed in water.

2.  LogoLenses Men’s Bamboo Wood Arms Classic Sunglasses:
When you are investing a considerable sum behind a high-quality sunglasses pair, it is important to focus on the style. Wearing these classic sunglasses will convey uniquestyle through the vintage inspired bamboo. There is the use of natural bamboo to enhance durability and comfort. The credit of 99% absorption of harmful UVA and UVB spectrums goes to the use of the UV400 sunglasses. Hence, you get a sigh of relief that your eyes always stay protected against harmful rays of the sun. In cheap quality sunglasses, you may face the issues of loose screws. However, such issues are not found when you go for these LogoLenses men’s sunglasses.


The frames of the classic glasses are plastic, except for the temple (made from real wood).
Smooth feel is conveyed with the use of the unique pice finish.
The included lenses are dark and found ideal to comfortably spend the sunny day.
They are prepared sturdy and can sustain the back pocket test.
Use of real wood enhances durability.

1.   Polarized Bamboo lightweight Wood Vintage Sunglasses Men Women Eyewear:
In the world, bamboo is one of the strongest types of wood and the same is utilized in this eyewear. Whenever you go for these wood vintage sunglasses, you will be benefitted with excellent protection against harmful rays of the sun. Every pair of this model is unique in a way that they are prepared from premium quality bamboo. With the inclusion of the carbonized bamboo frames, the glasses gain extra strength and appear elegant.

Those people who are keen to avail an ideal combination of flexibility and durability in their sunglasses can definitely go for this pair. You can carry the pair conveniently along with you because the pair is equipped in a decent quality wooden case. In addition to being durable, the lenses are stylish. In order to match your face’s appearance, you can opt from different lens colors.


High durability is assured with the use of the genuine bamboo frame.
The polarized UV protection defends your eyes against harmful rays of the sun.
The width of the lens is 50 millimeters.
Compared to the standard frame, the included frame is approximately 50% lighter.
The included glasses are painted in its respective color along with a darker filter. This kind of structure guarantees excellent UV protection.


Stylish appearance and comfortable fit is guaranteed whenever you wear bamboo sunglasses for different activities. Your delicate organ i.e. eyes will stay protected regardless of how bright the sunlight is.

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