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US probes shooting of Sikh man as possible hate crime amid spurt of attacks against Indian-origin people

Washington: The US specialists have started a test into the shooting of a Sikh man here as a conceivable despise wrongdoing even as the Indian people group has communicated worry over the spurt of assaults as of late, with Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal encouraging the Trump organization to stand up firmly against such occurrences.

A mostly conceal shooter had supposedly assaulted the 39-year-old on Friday.

The spurt of shooting occurrences against  Indian-origin people in the US have brought worries up in the group about their wellbeing.

Deep Rai was working on his vehicle outside his home on Friday night in the city of Kent when a unidentified man moved toward him.

The man yelled "go back to your own country" and after that shot Rai in the arm taking after a contention, PTI detailed.

The Kent Police Department is exploring the shooting that left Rai injured as a conceivable detest wrongdoing, as per a report in KIRO 7 news.

Rai, a Sikh, was wearing a turban.

He has depicted the shooter as a six-feet-tall white man, wearing a veil covering the lower half of his face. Kent police are searching for the shooter.

"To think this could occur in our group is extremely amazing and exceptionally frustrating," police Chief Ken Thomas was cited as saying in the report.

Thomas included the suspect and the casualty did not know each other.

"This is the primary occurrence of this extent that I am mindful of in the city of Kent," Thomas said.

Members from the Sikh people group had reached law requirement authorities and were pushing specialists, including the FBI, to examine this as a detest wrongdoing.

One man said many individuals are frightened and couldn't think something like this could occur here. "All they see is a man with a turban, so it could have effortlessly been me," Amarjit Singh was cited in the report as saying.

The case is the most recent in a progression of disturbing occurrences of obvious detest wrongdoings, where individuals from the Indian people group have been focused on.

A month ago, 32-year-old Indian architect Srinivas Kuchibhotla was killed and his companion Alok Madasani was harmed after a US Navy veteran opened firearm fire at them, hollering "escape my nation".

In the mean time, Indian-American Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal has asked the Trump organization to test the shooting of a Sikh man as a despise wrongdoing, and to stand up firmly against such occurrences.

"I encourage the Trump organization not exclusively to research this shooting as an abhor wrongdoing, yet to find a way to battle detest based brutality in our groups.

"That's the last straw," Jayapal, 51, the primary ever Indian-American lady to be chosen to the US House of Representatives, said.

Japayal, chose to the US House of Representatives from the Seventh Congressional District of Washington state, said the shooting is one of the many detest wrongdoing episodes to have crushed the group.

"Ethnic minorities are living under steady dread of viciousness driven by bigotry. These assaults against minorities look to some extent like those that took after 9/11.

"Sadly, the Trump organization's attack and "otherizing" of migrant groups have genuine results to Americans over this nation," she said.

Indian-American Republican pioneer Puneet Ahluwalia said that it is too soon to set up this was a despise wrongdoing.

"It is exceptionally irritating to hear that a Sikh man was shot yet we are yet to confirm on the off chance that it is a loathe wrongdoing. It is critical that we as a whole don't bounce to conclusion.

"We are a nation of lawfulness and have full confidence in our police and FBI. We welcome the worries however have awesome confidence in our country's equity framework," Ahluwalia said.

Responding to the occurrence, External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj stated, "I am sorry to learn about the assault on Deep Rai, a US national of Indian-inception. I have addressed Sardar Harpal Singh, father of the casualty."

(With PTI inputs)

US probes shooting of Sikh man as possible hate crime amid spurt of attacks against Indian-origin people

US probes shooting of Sikh man as possible hate crime amid spurt of attacks against Indian-origin people



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