Unemployed During Lockdown, Ayushmann Khurrana's Dream Girl Co-star Sells Fruits On Streets
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Solani Diwakar, while talking to a news agency, said that he went back to selling fruits because he had to pay his rent and take care of the expenses of his family amid the lockdown.


The coronavirus pandemic has severely affected the livelihood of several junior artistes in the entertainment industry. And, actor Solani Diwakar is one of them. Solanki, who worked in Ayushmann Khurrana’s Dream Girl, has now gone back to selling fruits on the streets of Delhi to earn income for his family.
Solanki, while talking to news agency ANI, said that he went back to selling fruits because he had to pay his rent and take care of the expenses of his family amid the lockdown.
"With the lockdown being extended I have to take care of my needs. I have to pay my rent and also need money to meet the expenses of my family. So I have turned back to selling fruits," Diwakar told ANI.
The actor further said that he was supposed to shoot with late Rishi Kapoor in an upcoming movie, but the project got scrapped due to the Coronavirus outbreak. Solanki said that if the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdown didn’t happen, he would be in Mumbai, doing small roles.


“Because of the coronavirus and lockdown it was postponed and now he is no more. I very much regret not being able to work with Rishi Kapoor ji. If the lockdown and Corona had not happened, I would have been in Mumbai doing some small roles in movies,” he told the agency.
Solanki, who has been living in Delhi for close to 25 years, goes to Okhla Mandi early morning to pick up seasonal fruits for sale. He originally hails from Agra but has spent most of his life in Delhi.



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