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Boy born with 'two faces', who was given zero chance of survival, celebrates 13th birthday!
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New Delhi: Medical specialists have constantly flabbergasted us with the sort of trials they do to cure their patients enduring with rarest of the rare diseases. Yet, once in a while they need to surrender trust and be practical moreover.

A 13 year-old kid Tres Johnson from Missouri, US who has a to a great degree rare condition that gave him 'two faces' challenges all chances and commended his thirteenth birthday celebration as of late.

As indicated by a report in Daily Mail, the adolescent experiences uncommon innate issue craniofacial duplication, whereby parts or the majority of the face are copied on the head and specialists gave him 'zero shot of survival' when he was conceived. He is accepted to be the main survivor of the confusion - there are just 36 cases on the planet at any point been recorded.

He experiences intellectual postponements and up to 40 seizures a day due to the turmoil.

Tres was conceived with a vast parted, his eyes divided further separated, two separate nostrils, a strangely formed head, psychological postponements and he additionally experiences seizures.

He has experienced different operations to close the separated and reshape his skull to alleviate the weight on his mind.

According to the reports, the kid had gotten more than 14 unique judgments before it was perceived that he had craniofacial duplication, otherwise called diprosopus, the Greek word for 'two appearances'.

He used to experience the ill effects of more than 400 seizures a day which has been decreased to 40 when his mom began utilizing cannabis oil to quiet the side effects.

Guardians Brandy and Joshua guarantees that because of the uncommonness of his condition numerous medicinal specialists consider him to be an examination extend.

They have kept their expectations up and buckled down on him which has demonstrated to work effectively for him.

The family have a GoFundMe page to bring up cash for their child's medicinal expenses.

Boy born with

Boy born with 'two faces', who was given zero chance of survival, celebrates 13th birthday!



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