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Science Says People Who Swear a Lot Are Smarter and More Honest!.

We are taught to refrain from using swear words as it is rude and inappropriate. There is a social stereotype in which people that swear are viewed as uneducated.


The use of taboo or obscene language – or swearing – is usually perceived as a sign that the speaker can’t express themselves in a less offensive way, lacks vocabulary, and lacks intelligence. That’s why many people believe that people that swear often do so since they lack the vocabulary to express themselves in an intelligent way.
However, according to a recent study, people that swear a lot may be more intelligent than they were once thought. Psychologists Timothy Jay of Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts and Kristin Joy of Marist College claim that people that swear a lot are more intelligent than they were once thought.
They point out that people that use swear words tend to be fluent in neutral, mundane words. Those that use swear words comprehend their general expressive content and nuanced distinctions that should be drawn to use slurs adequately.
What’s more, in another study, researchers used technology to test many Facebook statuses looking for people that use deceptive and swear words. They concluded that people that used swear words were more honest. This means that in case you swear a lot, you are more likely to be intelligent and honest.


Also, people that swear more often are more likely to express themselves. That’s why they are more genuine than people that refrain.
That’s not all, in criminal cases, innocent suspects curse more often compared to a guilty one that denies accusations. So, those who swear during a testimony are perceived as more credible.
Not only does swearing come with a few physical and mental health perks, like improving your pain tolerance and making you perform better during exercise, it can also have a positive impact on how you converse with other people. In a nutshell, this means that it is pretty darn good for your overall health and well-being.



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