JNU announces massive seat-cut for MPhil, PhD courses

New Delhi: JNU has reported massive reduction in understudy allow in MPhil and PhD courses and rejected new confirmation in a few divisions for the up and coming scholastic session, welcoming crisp dissents by the understudy group.

As per the points of interest of understudy admission for the new session declared by the college's assessment branch, the prestigious School of Social Sciences (SSS) has decreased 232 seats, trailed by School of International Studies (SIS) 141 and School of Language, Literature and Culture Studies 73.

The present quality of SSS is 330, that of SIS 232 and School of Language, Literature and Culture Studies is 227.

Place for African Studies, Center for East African Studies, Center for Indo-Pacific Studies, Center for the Study of Discrimination and Exclusion, and Center for Media Studies won't have any confirmation this year for the two projects.

Other JNU divisions which have diminished the seats incorporate Center for European Studies (6), Center for Inner Asian Studies (13), Center for International Legal Studies (7), Center for International Politics, Organization and Disarmament (37), Center for West Asian Studies (11), Center for Russian and Central Asian Studies (35), Center for Arabic Studies (24), Center for English Studies (13) and Center for Indian Languages (49).

While the college authorities assert that the understudy admission has been changed "inside the endorsed standards", the understudies charge that no authorization has been taken from the statutory bodies.

"The organization has at long last made it clear that they are hard and fast to close admissions to the M.Phil/PhD programs. The quantity of admission for the up and coming affirmations, which are disregarding the endorsed consumption chose in the Academic Council and in addition court orders, have been discharged," said Pratim Ghoshal, JNU understudy and individual from Democratic Students Forum (DSF).

"Passing by the experts' understanding, it is additionally evident that this will influence introduce M.Phil understudies, conceded a year ago, who have not been represented in these numbers and de-enlisted PhD understudies," he included.

Sucheta De, President, All India Students Association (AISA), hammered the move.

"Understudies could possibly be conceded in a year. As indicated by this recipe, understudies should be conceded so that the API (Academic Performance Index) criteria for educators are satisfied and nd there is no compelling reason to make opportunities for instructors now," she said.

A senior college official who did not wish to be named stated, "The computations have been painstakingly done by the assessment division and any lessening or increment in the admission has been done inside the endorsed standards."

Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) has been seeing understudy distress over different issues for over a year.

JNU announces massive seat-cut for MPhil, PhD courses

JNU announces massive seat-cut for MPhil, PhD courses



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