The Life of an SEO Executive at a Glance

Who is an SEO Executive and what is he supposed to do?
The job profile of an SEO executive pronounces his work to be including all the task that must be undertaken by him to keep the SEO activities of the company proceeding in order. An SEO executive is a human resource in the SEO hierarchy that stands above the SEO trainee or  SEO intern. What exactly does he do?


1). Conducting on-page and off-page SEO
2). Assigning the tasks to the SEO trainees
3). Finding keywords with the help of SEO tools
4). Completing tasks delegated from the senior personnel
5). Closely coordinating with the content department and social media marketing department
6). Watching over the the activities of the competitors to stand at pace with the competitors.
7). An analysis of both the internal and external activities are a part of the basic tasks that must be performed by an SEO executive.
The above-mentioned pointers are some of the many tasks enlisted to be done by the mentioned human resource. However, it is an obvious fact that work profile  may vary from one company to the other. Let us take a look at how companies define the job description of an SEO executive.
The job description of an SEO executive
The samples of the job description of the profile of an SEO executive clearly show that there is relative difference in the tasks expected out of an SEO executive from one company to the other.  There maybe many tasks included in the job description of the SEO executive and each company may present the job description with its own varied version but the primary task of an SEO executive remains to be contributing to the SEO of the company’s website. The SEO executive may be assigned 100 tasks and all of them would be contributing to the SEO company’s website, directly or indirectly.
The key tasks job description of an SEO executive are:-
Find the relevant keywords with the help of the  most relevant keywords:
We are well aware of the fact that keywords play an especially important role in the rankings on the search engine result pages. And thus, the task of searching for keywords is one of the key tasks performed by the SEO executive with an attempt to make the client’s SEM campaign successful or do the same for the strengthening the company’s own SEO.
The SEO executive may find the relevant keywords using the various keyword finding tools available in the market like the Google keyword planner, SEMrush,, etc. The use of these tools calls for the SEO executive to have the knowledge of being able to operate these tools.
Monitor the activities of the competitors
When you are in competition with other companies, it is  important that you watch over their actions and activities. The best example of watching over the competitors moves is of the COKE and PEPSI- they work parallel to each other. Their pricing, quantity sponsorship, ads, everything runs in competition with the other.
A healthy competitive eye is suggested by the marketers time and again to keep a trace of what the competitors are up to and if their activities prove out to be helpful to them. Same is the case in the digital world, the SEO executive is expected to watch over the activities of the competitors and adopt a combination of the best practices.
Contribute in the crafting of the SEO strategy
The SEO executive has a role to play in the making of the SEO strategy. The SEO specialist needs assistance in the tasks performed by the SEO executive on the base level and thus, an active participation on the end of the SEO executive results in a defined on-page and off-page SEO strategy.
Since the SEO executive carries out the everyday SEO of the company’s own website and even looks over the tasks undertaken as a part of the client’s campaign. So, the presence of the SEO executive is vital in the making of the SEO strategies for both internal and external purposes.
Maintain performance reports
One of the most important tasks undertaken by the SEO executive is to employ tools like Google Analytics to measure the performance of the various SEO practices implemented. A maintenance of the performance report is expected out of the SEO executive to have documented records of the results achieved from the SEO practices employed by the search engine optimizers in the company.
Suggest  ways to Optimize the site on carrying out monthly Analysis
When the SEO executive carries out analysis on the intervals like weekly or monthly basis. The analysis must further lead to changes that  must be suggested in order to improve the overall SEO of the client’s website or the company’s own website. The optimizing audits can be anything from infusing one or more relevant keywords in the already existing blog posts or something as major as editing the creative for the Facebook ad campaign.
Closely work with the content department to contribute to the blog’s quality
The content writers in the organisation definitely know the basics of writing but a quality write-up is not enough to fetch you a good ranking in the search engine result pages. The SEO elements need to be infused into the write-up, in order to optimize it for the search results.
Thus, to do so the SEO executive must closely work with the content department and provide them with a set of keywords to let the content writers weave the content around it.  Also, on working in accordance with the SEO executive, the content writers in the organisation can employ the other SEO attributes as well like the meta description, focus keyword, meta keyword, tags, etc.
The SEO executive will be able to guide the content team with the latest updates and modifications  in the industry and help them produce SEO friendly content.
So, these were some of the many points covered in the job description . Let us move further take a glance at what is the average salary of an SEO executive.
What is the average SEO executive salary?
As we have stated before and are writing it again here, the average SEO salary may vary from one company to the other and from one individual to the other. It is known for a fact that when you sit for a job interview, upon selection and final recruitment, the offer made it you is the amount in consideration to a various factors like the the level of company in terms of revenue, personnel, your skills, degree, past work experience, projects undertaken or targets achieved, etc.
All the factors  add up to the average SEO salary.
The current market status of SEO executive jobs across the country
The development level of the various cities and towns across India result in different employment levels. When we talk of the market status for the profile of an SEO executive, we refer to the availability of the jobs in that particular city or town. Come, let’s take a quick glance at the job availability for the profile of an SEO executive in the following cities.
SEO Executive jobs in Kolkata
As per the famous the job portal,, the number of jobs for the profile is approximately 100.
SEO executive jobs in Pune
The number of jobs for the same profile in Pune reflect the number 140 on the same job portal.


SEO executive jobs in Gurgaon
The screenshot shows a total of 164 jobs for the mentioned profile in Gurgaon on today’s date.
SEO executive jobs in Jaipur
Overall SEO executive jobs in India
The resume format for SEO Executive
Mere skills do not fetch you a job. The presentation skills have their own fair share of role to play. A well presented and information equipped resume is ideal for attracting the recruiter’s attention and bagging your dream job. No doubt the SEO skills of an individual has it’s own importance yet it must not be forgotten that the SEO resume is the first interaction of the candidate with the recruiter before you finally sit for the interview (SEO interview questions and answers).
Let us take a look at the ideal resume format for an SEO Executive:
To Conclude
This blog talks about the roles and responsibilities of the SEO executive and talks in detail about the job description of the mentioned profile. and the overall functioning of the day to day tasks undertaken by the personnel. There is extensive emphasis laid on the current market status of this profile and the job availability in the various parts of the nation.
Hope the blog was insightful. You can share your experience in the comments below.



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