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WATCH: Man from Chhattisgarh Creates Music by Swinging Bamboo Flutes, Video Goes Viral

The 42-year-old flute maker also shares the story of his teacher and the reason why he started making swinging bamboo flutes.

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When Lata Mangeshkar was intoxicating

Parineeti Chopra says she did not drink alcohol to play an alcoholic woman in The Girl On The Train. Lata Mangeshkar has never tasted alcohol either. Ye...

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Top 5 Best Air Conditioners in India
2 years ago . 558 views

Haryana governor approves bill to reserve 75% of private sector jobs for locals

NEW DELHI: Haryana governor Satyadeo Narain Arya on Tuesday gave his nod to bill providing 75% reservation to local candidates applying to private-sector jobs in the stat...

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Up Your Breakfast Game With This Instant Paneer Idli And Tomato Chutney Recipe

From snacks to mains and desserts, you can include paneer just about anywhere and end up with a winner- just like this paneer idli.

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Why Jeff Bezos picked books to be Amazon's first product

• A rediscovered 1997 video reveals why Jeff Bezos chose books to be Amazon's first product • Not just selling books online, Amazon has 526 physical ret...

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क्या आपको पता है ? कि किवाड़ की जो जोड़ी होती है, उसका एक पल्ला स्त्री और, दूसरा पल्ला पुरुष होता है।

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When Ratan Tata fell in love and ‘almost got married'

He talks at length, in what appears to be a three-part story, about his life growing up, his parents' divorce and how his grandmother raised him and his brother. Tata...

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Govt approves pension option for over 42,000 employees of PSU insurers

This benefit is applicable to those who have joined any of the public sector insurance companies (PSICs) on or before June 28, 1995.

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Card, online payments made more secure, RBI cuts user liability for frauds

The Reserve Bank of India has found a way to make a card and online payments more secure by restricting client liability in digital banking frauds. In light of growin...

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Fascinating facts about India
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What is the difference between Naga Sadhus and Aghori Baba?

Mostly we see Naga Sadhu in Kumbh Mela and we think that Aghori and Naga Sadhu are same in terms of appearance etc. But in reality it is not. Do you know the main differe...

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Who were the Asurs of the Vedas?

The word “Asur” has been used more than a hundred times in the Rigveda, 90 of them in a positive sense. “Asu” means soul or vitality and “ar...

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5 Famous Celebrities And Their Daily Diet Charts

To look the way they do, they work really hard and are required to stay away from their most favorite cuisines, workout for long hours and eat a planned and balanced diet...

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Food Riot at Tej Pratap's Wedding; Rowdy Guests Break VIP Cordon, Loot Crockery and Embellishments

Shortly after Tej Pratap and Aishwarya exchanged garlands, a horde of people believed to be RJD supporters — broke the cordon and started looting food items.

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Top 10 Unusual Facts About Taste
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Hinduism and Same-sex Marriage

Recently the Supreme Court of India delivered a judgment regarding the the legality of same-sex intercourse between consenting adults, also known as gay sex or sex betwee...

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I-T Dept to issue notice where cash transaction is above Rs 20,000 in property purchase

Be ready to receive the I-T Department’s notice if you have made above Rs 20,000 cash transaction in a property purchase in Delhi. I-T Department’s Delhi divi...

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15 hilarious photos of royals taken at the perfect time

Members of the royal family often pose for pictures on engagements and walkabouts, but some of the best photos are unplanned.

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'Mermaid baby' born in Kolkata dies 4 hours later: What is Mermaid Syndrome?

Kolkata: A 23-year-old woman in West Bengal gave birth to a baby with fused legs, or mermaid-like features, on Wednesday, say reports.

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Rare Fish, Seen As Harbingers Of Earthquakes, Tsunamis, Caught In Japan

Japanese folklore has it that they move to shallower seas before underwater earthquakes, possibly due to electromagnetic changes that occur with tectonic activity.

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Rapper Emiway Bantai Bags Best Indian Act at MTV Europe Music Awards

The Machayenge hitmaker was nominated along with Komorebi, Parikrama, Prateek Kuhad and Raja Kumari in the regional category.

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Can’t sleep at night? 5 foods that can cause anxiety and insomnia

From the usual suspect caffeine, sugar to cheese, potatoes and tomatoes, here’s a list of foods that may be making you anxious due to their excessive consumption.

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Guy Survives Hours Lost At Sea Thanks To Navy Seal Trick

A man managed to survive hours lost at sea thanks to a survival trick he’d remembered used by US Navy Seals.

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'We didn't talk for 7 years': Aamir Khan on his fallout with Juhi Chawla [Throwback]

Aamir Khan and Juhi Chawla have worked on many films but all was not well for seven years after a fight in 1997. Now they've resolved it but it took its time.

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Studies Show That Wealthy And Powerful More Likely To Lie, Cheat And Steal

The idea that power and wealth can corrupt a person and negatively impact their ability to make decisions is not a new discovery. This is an ancient piece of knowledge th...

1 year ago . 214 views

Sushil Kumar, Sakshi Malik win gold at Commonwealth Wrestling

HIGHLIGHTS Sushil defeated New Zealand Akash Khullar's via a pinfall in the final to clinch gold medal It was his first medal in international wrestling ...

2 years ago . 407 views



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