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How to Stretch Your Travel Budget

While a large number of us long for high-moving, extravagance relaxes, the fact of the matter is most people don't have the financial balance parity to coordinate our...

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How the 2019 coffee crisis might affect you

In 2019, a latte - foam art and all - costs the average US coffee drinker around $5 (£4). So why are the farmers who grew the beans behind your morning brew abandon...

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FaceApp: Chuck Schumer asks for FBI investigation

Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer has called for an investigation into FaceApp, which alters users' photos to make them look older or younger.

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Top 5 Best Cricket Kits in India
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Residents of illegal colonies to get ownership rights: Delhi CM

HIGHLIGHTS • Delhi Chief minister Arvind Kejriwal announced on Thursday that residents of 1,797 unauthorised colonies of Delhi will soon get ownership right...

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10 Must Known Facts About Shravan Maas

Shravan Maas or Sawan month is considered very auspicious to the devotees of Lord Shiva. Almost everyone of them will be fasting either for the whole month or at least ev...

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6 Exotic Diseases That Could Come to a Town Near You.

A virus from Africa that emerges in Italy, a parasite restricted to Latin America that emerges in Europe and Japan—infectious diseases that were once confined to di...

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Crypto Exchanges are Evading China’s Ban by Changing Domain Names

Despite the rise in control measures over cryptocurrency trading, observers are almost certain that Chinese investors will continually skirt the ban, which makes it nearl...

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KK Muhammed, Archaeologist Firm on ‘Masjid Was Mandir’ Claim, Awarded Padma Shri

KK Muhammed has worked with archaeologist BB Lal, who led the excavation team that first claimed to have unearthed the remnants of a Hindu temple at the Babri Masjid site...

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Indian Government Launches ‘UMANG’- An App to Access All Government Services: Everything You Need to Know

Indian Government is trying to keep up the ‘Digital India‘ initiative alive. Yesterday, at the fifth edition of the Global Conference on Cyberspace in New Del...

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Bigg Boss 10 episode 85 highlights: Manu blames Bani for Nitibha-Manveer fight

While Nitibha Kaul and Manveer Gujjar were once again fighting inside the Bigg Boss 10 house, Manu Punjabi blamed Bani Judge for this fiasco on Monday. He claimed Nitibha...

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“Dharma” is our duty to others, “Kama” is our duty to ourselves

Human beings prefer to take sides rather than try and understand the deeper causes of tragedy. There is no point speculating about the ‘whodunnit’ -that is a ...

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CBSE Class 12 Results Announced. Funniest Reactions On Twitter

"My result is my result, none of your result," shared a Twitter user about the CBSE class 12 result announced today

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Common man has become a soldier against corruption, black money: PM Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday said those reprimanding the administration's ineptness in pushing the demonetisation drive are vexed on the grounds that they d...

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WATCH: Sri Lanka fans clean stadium after ODI series loss against South Africa

In the video, the fans were seen collecting the litter from under the benches and putting it inside bags to dump. They were also seen picking up plastic bottles, wrappers...

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Sign-IO is a sign-language-to-speech-translation glove developed to address the language barrier between sign-language users and the general public.

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Breaking: Hrithik Roshan’s first ever statement on the Kangana Ranaut issue

Actor Hrithik Roshan has for the first time spoken up on his feud with Kangana Ranaut. He has not only reacted to the allegations that Kangana levelled at him but also ma...

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Venezuela’s economy collapses: All your questions answered

Venezuela crisis: Hyperinflation, mass migration, food shortage, increasing number of crimes and grinding poverty has spiralled Venezuela into a deep turmoil.

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Effects of climate change: If global warming continues, summers in India could last for 8 months by 2070, say researchers

Prolonged heat-wave conditions–in other words, a summer lasting up to eight months–could be the new norm by the 2070s for the Gangetic plains, if greenhouse-g...

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Ahmed Patel wins 1st round in Gujarat Rajya Sabha polls battle

New Delhi: Ahmed Patel, who is known to be the Congress party's most dependable crisis director, was re-chosen to the Rajya Sabha for the fifth term in a nail-biting ...

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Fascinating facts about India
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India’s letter rogatory seeks probe on Nirav Modi, info from UK

Home Office sources said no application for asylum has been submitted by Nirav Modi, who has family in the UK, but an expert legal team is said to be working on submittin...

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The abolished 'Sati Pratha': Lesser-known facts on the banned practice

The Bengal Sati Regulation which banned the Sati practice in all jurisdictions of British India was passed on December 4, 1829 by the then Governor-General Lord William B...

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Kapil Sharma's Recent Pictures From Amsterdam Go Viral And They Hint At His Deteriorating Health

The rise and fall of Kapil Sharma will always be remembered as one of the most unfortunate incidents in the Entertainment industry. From his terrible fight with Sunil Gro...

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Modi government plans to use no-trust motion to expose opposition

HIGHLIGHTS *NDA managers claim the government is likely to get support from small parties outside NDA. *BJP dissidents will need to think carefully, said sou...

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Google Search add a new Personal Tab in the search result, Shows Content From Private Sources

Intending to help individuals find what they are searching for, Google has included a "Personal" tab in search results to show content from private sources like...

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How to be Mindful?

I have asked this question to others and others have asked it to me. Along this journey, I have some answers. Mindfulness traditional definition is non judgmenta...

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I haven’t seen any major setback in my life: Ajay Devgn

Nearly every actor’s career has its highs and lows, with a number of celebrities having extra flops to their call than box-workplace hits. but Ajay Devgn continues ...

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Decoded, finally: The black hole isn’t really a hole

PARIS: Scientists on Thursday unveiled the most detailed simulation of a black hole, solving a mystery dating back more than four decades over how the star-devouring mons...

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A Sad Moment in India’s Judicial History

If the Supreme Court is to be saved, a bench comprising all its judges must take stock of the situation and consider the legal position dispassionately and wisely.

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