Top 6 Paraben Free Shampoos To Buy In India
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Something that every woman loves about herself is her hair. Everyone aspires to have long, thick, glossy and smooth hair. But that has just become a far-fetched dream today for most. Complaints of hair-fall, dandruff, dry hair, thin hair etc. are some of the never-ending issues women face. That is not where it ends though, as women look for the best hair care products in the market even if they are expensive and go for them in hopes of the products giving them results identical to those claimed. But when this effort proves futile, they move onto the next product. What most of us don’t realize is that there are chemicals in the products that can do more harm than giving a positive result. One such widely recognized category of chemicals is Parabens.

What are Parabens and how are they harmful?

Parabens are highly effective low-cost preservatives that are utilized in the beauty industry to prevent the growth of bacteria and fungi in order to increase their shelf life. They are present in almost all types of shampoos, cosmetics, etc. As all chemicals, these also can be harmful for your health.

Recent studies show that parabens perform the function similar to Estrogen in the body while this particular hormone has been found to associate with some forms of breast cancer. Parabens have also been located in breast tumors upon various tests. These preservatives are not only responsible for hormone disruption but also affect your body in different ways usually in the form of various skin ailments. Repeated use on sensitive skin type can cause allergic reactions and dermatitis.

Excessive use of shampoos containing parabens can cause hair damage, scalp dryness, dandruff, etc. all leading to hair fall. So, while you may be using a shampoo to improve your hair, you might just get the opposite result. It’s definitely better to be safe than sorry leading us back to the point that avoiding paraben based products would be surely a better choice.

Are there any safe products for hair?

Shampoos contain preservatives like paraben as a necessary ingredient to maintain their long life. But there are some Indian brands that identify the need to reduce the use of Parabens in order to provide safe products to the consumers. Listed below are some of the top products which are paraben free and safe for your hair:

A quality product infused with coconut milk and egg white extract, that brings about a change in your hair. Now you can experience a change and get thick and glossy hair flowing around with a healthy bounce.

A product rich in Vitamin E that contains olive fruit extract, almond oil and wheat – amino acid proteins, along with a rejuvenating formula to revitalize your hair even if damaged or chemically treated.

A product with bilberry extract, pracaxi and linseed oil, that provides deep cleansing of the scalp with additional strand moisturization, making your hair nourished and joyful.

This organic product ensures that you stop losing your hair by a complete cleansing feature removing dirt, grime and excess oil. Now love the softness of your locks on your cheeks with its special hair smoothing formula.

A Khadi product to make your hair look more glossy and strong along with improved manageability. Now you can pamper your hair any time without a salon in the safest way possible with a shampoo infused with herbal goodness.

Are these products really effective?

Another thing to point out here is that some might not believe in the effectiveness of these products. Though if you can try different paraben-based shampoos, why not try one of these? After all, these are much safer for your hair than other products. So, try one of them now and watch the results right in front of you. It’s not just about loving the product but it is about loving yourself and taking care of your health!

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