5 winter illnesses you need to protect yourself from
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Protect yourself from these common winter illnesses, that tend to aggravate during winter.


Winter is here, and you may be suffering from colds and fever. It’s not the weather per se that makes you fall ill though, or the drop in temperature. Research shows that viruses tend to multiply faster in winter which can make you fall ill. Here are some of the common illnesses that you can suffer from this season:
* Flu: The dreaded flu can affect vulnerable populations, be it the children, the elderly and pregnant women. One way to protect yourself is to take a flu shot; the protective effects can last up to a year.
* Winter eczema: Eczema or dry skin is a common phenomenon that worsens in winter. Apply generous amounts of moisturiser at bedtime and after your bath to prevent your body moisture from evaporating. Avoid hot showers (go for lukewarm water instead) as it can further dry up your skin.
* Heart attack: Winters are peak season for heart attacks. It could be due to an increase in blood pressure that affects the heart during this season. Ensure you exercise and stay warm.


* Mouth ulcers: Cold sores or mouth ulcers are common in winter. Have vitamin C in the form of citric fruits, and ensure you don’t get too stressed.
* Joint pain: For people with arthritis, the joint pain tends to aggravate during winter. It could be due to a greater perception of pain during winter when you tend to feel low. Mental health also tends to take a beating during winter, as you may feel more lonely and alone during this season.



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