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Just 10 Everyday Things That Make You Miss Your Mom So Much After You're Married!

Getting married is a life-changing experience in more ways than one. Even though it’s a happy feeling, the biggest and hardest thing a girl has to go through post her wedding is leaving her home, and most importantly… her mom. It’s not easy to leave the place that you’ve made so many memories in, the place your maa is in! And most of the times, you don’t even realise how much love and care is involved in everything your mom does for you. Her actions go unnoticed until you get married and realisation hits. Here are 10 such times when you miss your mom most after your wedding.


1. That early morning cup of coffee, sitting right there on your side table…
And your mom lovingly caressing your forehead, urging you to wake up lest you get late for work… Now you have to pull yourself out of bed and make that cuppa yourself, and it’s just not the same!
2. Waking up to the sound of a shrill alarm rather than your mum’s sweet voice...
Yes agreed - sometimes your mom did shout at you for not waking up on time, but that is how you liked it! Now that you have to wake up to the sound of an alarm blasting through your room, you realise how much you miss your mom!
3. When you don’t know what to do about your midnight hunger pangs…
Only and ONLY your maa can cook your favourite snack when you feel hungry at 2 a.m! Eating chips and cookies might fill you up, but they’re not soul food like the mac and cheese that mom made!
4. When nobody gives you the sunday morning champi!
When your mom is no longer around to forcefully put a dollop of oil in your hair on a Sunday morning and give you a relaxing head massage. That’s when you realise what she meant when she said “Jab khud karna padega, tab pata chalega.”
5. And how can you not miss maa ke haath ka khana...
And not just the midnight snacks, but the full on elaborate meals that she cooked for you everyday! Your MIL might be a great cook too, but the truth is that your loyalties will always lie with your mom’s food.


6. When you cannot find your favourite top or shoes or earrings, and don’t even know where to look!
Remember how you didn’t even bother looking and just asked your mom to find your black top that lay under heaps of clothes in your cupboard?! With mumma not around, you will just have to figure it out yourself!
7. When something crazy happens at work and you can’t wait to get home & give your mom the deets, but then you realise…
...that you’re married now and living in a new house. Also, you have certain responsibilities to fulfill before you get on a long phone call with mom, telling her about your day.
8. When you’re sick
We know your hubby dearest will take good care of you when you’re unwell, but hey, you really crave mom’s magic touch when you’re feeling under the weather!
9. When nobody gives you an honest opinion on how you look when you dress up...
Mostly because your husband either does not get your style or does not want to upset you by saying anything that you don’t want to hear. You will miss casually walking up to your mom and asking, “Mumma, yeh theek lag raha hai?!”
10. When you just want her around!
But hey girlie, don’t you worry! You’ll slowly get used to the new life… Also, you can always meet her as much as you want, and not to forget Skype and those unlimited phone calls!



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