Unsung Real Life Heroes Of Madhya Pradesh

Do you apprehend Chandra Shekhar Azad, Tatya Tope, Makhanlal Chaturvedi, Lata Mangeshkar, B R Ambedkar or Shivraj Singh Chauhan? clearly, you do. however does one apprehend what is common in these people? they're all from Madhya Pradesh, India. there have been either born in Madhya Pradesh or have lived within the state for long.

We bear in mind all of the above-listed folks as they need done plenty for the society and therefore the country. however, the folks I'm aiming to tell you concerning have contributed greatly to the society. however, they continue to be unsung heroes. 

They have sacrificed their lives so as to figure for the welfare of individuals. examine these people that have brought changes for the folks close to them while not expecting something reciprocally.    

Ghulam Dastagir

It has been thirty-two years since Dec 1984 once the most important industrial accident, The Bhopal Gas Tragedy, struck. except for the people that have lost their idolized ones, it's rather like yesterday.

Nearly 3,000 folks died as cytotoxic gas referred to as methyl group salt leaked from Union inorganic compound industrial plant. Ghulam Dastagir, a deputy station superintendent of Bhopal junction, sporting a wet hanky, saved many lives that day. once he realized one thing was wrong, he coordinated together with his seniors (most of them were already dead) and stopped trains from returning to town.  

He helped folks instead of taking care of his family.

He ran from one station to a different composition medical treatment whereas his married person and 4 sons were troubled to measure.  

Ghulam lost his one son that day and another son suffered from severe skin ailments. He got a painful lump in his throat and since of the complications, he died in 2003. 

Parikipandla Narahari

Parikipandla Narahari is that the Revenue Secretary in Government of Madhya Pradesh. As Gwalior District Collector, he created it a ninety-fifth barrier-free town in 2 years. He helped folks with disabilities, senior voters and ladies to simply access public house by building ramps and railings at the most common places.  

Indore was declared Open evacuation Free (ODF) in 2016 during which Narahari contend a key role.

His influence on the society. 

Along with Indore Municipal commissioner‎ Manish Singh and Indore city manager Malini bauble, P Narahari created certain to create Indore The Cleanest town in India beneath Swachh Asian nation Abhiyan. as Indore District Collector, he centered on health, education and good cities mission. He has received one award for his contributions to the society. Narahari has written 2 books, World Health Organization Owns Mhow? and therefore the creating of Ladli Laxmi Yojna. it absolutely was Ladli Laxmi Yojna that galvanized Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao Yojana. 

Meenas from Neemuch

A couple from Neemuch is functioning arduous for the rights of the woman kid. Hari Narayan Meena, a 2004 batch authority officer together with his married person Dr. Hemlata Meena, an educator at PG faculties in Rajasthan, have created folks alert to the decreasing variety of birth of woman kid. They started a campaign on March fifteen, 2016, to market the education for women.

In the campaign, they announce the shibboleth stickers 'Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao' (Save woman kid, Educate girls) on the trucks that travel across the country. 

Meenas have shot a letter to Railway Minister.

Till now, they need convinced fifteen,000 truck drivers that submit to Neemuch to hold the shibboleth. they need the attempt to stop gender-biased, sex and selective abortions. they need to shield woman kid and guarantee education to them.
After campaigning on trucks, Meenas have currently shot a letter to Railway Minister for asking permission to run the campaign on train coaches further.  

Nirmala Buch

Nirmala Buch is that the President of an organization - Mahila Chetna Manch, Bhopal. She served as former Madhya Pradesh cabinet minister. Her Mahila Chetna Manch could be a forum for girls awareness, that was established in 1984. It operates in 1200 villages in thirteen districts of Madhya Pradesh.

She has widely traveled and described India in varied world conferences on problems with girls. She has written on problems like governance, public administration, the functioning of Panchayati dominion and authorization of girls.  

She has worked for equality, authorization of girls.

She has launched comes for welfare and development of girls. Nirmala Buch's major space of interest is women's economic independence, education, health, and nutrition. 

Ramvati, Sahariya tribe

Ramvati from Patara is associate degree RJ at the Radio Dhadkan 107.8FM in Shivpuri. Sambhav is associate degree organization that runs the station once it got funded by United Nations agency. On the radio, the programs like maternal health and livelihoods ar broadcast in native languages for spreading education. The Sambhav Community Radio is functioning with 189 social group communities with a population of three hundred thousand.  

"Without info, an amendment isn't doable."

"Radio remodeled American state from a normal wife into a village celebrity. If it weren't for the radio, I'd have remained behind my veil and weekday reception," Ramvati says.

A short documentary on Ramwati got the third prize at UNESCO-CEMCA video competition.

She believes that amendment isn't do while not education. so she works to form additional and additional folks privy to girls rights, kid rights, and woman kid education.

Please do share this text with an alternative to bringing an amendment.

Unsung  Real Life Heroes Of Madhya Pradesh

Unsung Real Life Heroes Of Madhya Pradesh



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